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Chapter: 22 -


Chapter: 22 - Training course for animal protection law enforcement.

4:22-11.1: Definitions relative to prevention of cruelty to animals.

4:22-11.2: N.J.S.P.C.A continued to coordinate function of county societies.

4:22-11.3: Establishment of bylaws, standards, guidelines.

4:22-11.4: Duties, responsibilities of board of trustees.

4:22-11.5: Fees for chartering county societies.

4:22-11.6: Continuation of existing county societies.

4:22-11.7: Duties, responsibilities of county society.

4:22-11.8: Completion of training courses by officers, agents.

4:22-11.9: Certain persons ineligible for service; criminal history record background check.

4:22-11.10: Application for commission as humane law enforcement officer.

4:22-11.11: Training course for animal protection law enforcement.

4:22-11.12: Effort to assist humane law enforcement officers, agents by governmental entities.

4:22-14.1: Responsibilities of municipal governing body.

4:22-14.2: Application for designation as municipal human law enforcement officer.

4:22-14.3: Eligibility.

4:22-14.4: Actions of county prosecutor.

4:22-14.5: Submission of application.

4:22-14.7: Duties of animal cruelty prosecutor.

4:22-14.8: Designation as county society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

4:22-14.9: Construction of act.

4:22-14.10: Actions by Attorney General.

4:22-11.13: Annual audit of societies.

4:22-12: Use of badge by nonmember; petty disorderly persons offense

4:22-13: Right to amend charter to include enumerated powers and purposes.

4:22-15: Definitions

4:22-16: Permitted activities

4:22-16.1: Adoption of standards, rules, regulations for treatment of domestic livestock

4:22-17: Cruelty; disorderly persons offense; certain acts, crimes; degrees.

4:22-17.1: Definitions relative to care, tethering of certain animals.

4:22-17.2: Unlawful treatment of certain animals.

4:22-17.3: Unlawful to cruelly restrain a dog.

4:22-17.4: Unlawful confinement of certain animals.

4:22-17.5: Proper shelter for certain animals.

4:22-17.6: Responsibilities of DOH, municipality.

4:22-17.7: Violations, remedies, required actions.

4:22-17.8: Violations, penalties for failure to provide necessary care.

4:22-17.9: Construction, application of act.

4:22-18: Carrying animal in cruel, inhumane manner; disorderly persons offense

4:22-19: Failure to care for, destruction of impounded animals; penalties; collection

4:22-19.1: Chamber or device to induce hypoxia; dismantlement and removal

4:22-19.2: Dismantlement and removal of decompression chamber or device; offense

4:22-19.3: Neuromuscular blocking agents prohibited

4:22-19.4: Penalty

4:22-20: Abandoning disabled animal to die in public place; disorderly persons offense

4:22-21: Offering for sale horse unfit for work; disorderly persons.

4:22-22: Offering diseased animal for sale; crime of fourth degree

4:22-23: Use of bird as target; disorderly persons offense, $25 fine.

4:22-24: Animal fighting crimes

4:22-25.1: Motorist hitting domestic animal to stop; report

4:22-25.2: Violations; petty disorderly persons offense

4:22-25.3: Sale, barter of products made from dog or cat fur; prohibited

4:22-25.4: Sale, barter of dog or cat flesh or products for human consumption; disorderly persons offense

4:22-25.5: Slaughter, transport of horses for human consumption; disorderly persons offense.

4:22-26: Penalties for various acts constituting cruelty.

4:22-26.1: Confiscation, forfeiture of animal

4:22-28: Civil, criminal actions separate.

4:22-29: Jurisdiction for action for penalty.

4:22-32: Enforcement and collection of penalties; warrant.

4:22-33: Security for appearance where defendant nonresident or desires continuance

4:22-44: Arrests with, without warrant.

4:22-45: Notice to State, district society of arrest; exceptions.

4:22-46: Search warrants; issuance

4:22-47: Warrentless arrest for fighting or baiting offenses.

4:22-48: Forfeiture, sale of seized animals

4:22-48.1: Owner to bear expenses

4:22-48.2: Owner of confiscated animal responsible for certain costs

4:22-50: Care of animal when person in charge arrested

4:22-50.1: Petition for animal pound receivership

4:22-50.2: Appointment; notice, hearing

4:22-50.3: Powers of receiver; compensation

4:22-50.4: Presentation, settlement of accounts

4:22-50.5: Termination of receivership

4:22-50.6: Pounds subject to act

4:22-51: Supplying necessary food to animals impounded by another

4:22-52: Seizure and sale of vehicle transporting animals in cruel manner

4:22-53: Sale of animals abandoned in disabled condition

4:22-54: Destruction of animals found in disabled condition

4:22-55: Payment, disposition of fines, penalties, moneys, imposed and collected.

4:22-56: SPCA, municipality, county, animal control officer not liable for the other.

4:22-57: Notice to commissioner of persons ineligible to be certified animal control officers.

4:22-58: Definitions relative to use of animals in product testing.

4:22-59: Animal testing prohibited under certain circumstances.

4:22-60: Exclusive remedy for enforcement.