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Chapter: 10 -

4:10-1: Definitions.

4:10-2: Powers and duties of department

4:10-3: Establishment of standards for grading and for receptacles

4:10-4: Marking products to falsely indicate conformity to standard

4:10-5: Use of outline of State on products; license; penalty.

4:10-6: Inspection and classification of products according to standards; fees

4:10-7: Appeals from classification of products; fees

4:10-8: Certificate of classification as evidence

4:10-9: Disposition and use of fees collected.

4:10-10: Reports to department on products

4:10-11: Right of entry

4:10-12: Attendance and testimony of witnesses and production of documents

4:10-13: Regulations

4:10-13.1: Marketing of farm products; advertising.

4:10-14: Penalty for violations or interference.

4:10-16: New Jersey Farm Products Publicity Fund authorized; deposit

4:10-17: Disbursement of moneys; promoting sale of farm products; labels

4:10-18: Official brands for agricultural products; registration as trade-mark

4:10-18.1: Counties authorized to issue promotional labeling for agricultural products.

4:10-19: Use of brands or marks

4:10-19.1: "Made With Jersey Fresh" designated products.

4:10-19.2: Fraudulent advertising of NJ product; violations, penalties.

4:10-20: Regulations

4:10-21: Printing of labels; license to use brand.

4:10-22: Affixing labels

4:10-23: Receipts from sale or use of labels; expenditure

4:10-24: Advisory committee

4:10-25: Restraint of unauthorized use of State brand, outline.

4:10-25.1: "Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week."

4:10-25.2: Rules, regulations; development of program.

4:10-25.2a: Contributions to "New Jersey Farm to School Program" permitted.

4:10-25.2b: "Best in New Jersey 'Farm to School' Awards Program."

4:10-25.2c: Clearinghouse website for farmer to offer produce, dairy products; rules, regulations.

4:10-25.2d: Guidance document.

4:10-25.3: Short title.

4:10-25.4: Findings, declarations, determinations relative to provision of fresh produce to urban communities.

4:10-25.5: Definitions relative to provision of fresh produce to urban communities.

4:10-25.6: Mobile farmers' market pilot program.

4:10-25.7: Identification, recruitment of vendors.

4:10-25.8: Eligibility for participation as consumer in Fresh Mobiles Initiative.

4:10-25.9: "New Jersey Fresh Mobiles Operation Fund."

4:10-26: Short title

4:10-27: Definitions

4:10-28: Operator's license; fee; inspection of facilities; compliance with act

4:10-29: Packing or repacking permit

4:10-30: Rules and regulations

4:10-31: Prohibited acts

4:10-32: Storage in other states

4:10-33: Penalty; injunctive relief

4:10-34: Definitions

4:10-35: Potatoes; prohibited acts; packaging requirements

4:10-36: Re-use of packages

4:10-37: Evidence of offer or transport for sale

4:10-38: Rules and regulations

4:10-39: Enforcement of act by secretary; powers

4:10-39.1: Violations; hearings; assessment of penalty; effect of payment

4:10-39.2: Cooperation and agreements with other agencies and private associations

4:10-40: Violations; penalties; jurisdiction and venue; injunctive relief

4:10-41: Appropriation

4:10-42: Partial invalidity

4:10-43: Short title

4:10-44: Purpose

4:10-45: Definitions

4:10-46: Secretary; powers and duties; marketing program; hearing; notice; administration

4:10-47: Reports by producers

4:10-48: Reports and information as basis for program

4:10-49: Lists of producers

4:10-50: Confidentiality of reports by producers

4:10-51: Findings of secretary; basis

4:10-52: Advisory council; members

4:10-53: Compensation; powers and duties

4:10-54: Subject matter of marketing program

4:10-54.1: Persons assessed by other federal, state or multistate programs; exemption, adjustment or credit

4:10-55: Referendum for approval; bloc vote of nonprofit associations of producers

4:10-56: Referendum date

4:10-57: Suspension or termination

4:10-58: Minor amendments

4:10-59: Major amendments

4:10-60: Effective date; filing; publication

4:10-61: Rules and regulations

4:10-62: Deposit for expenses upon application for marketing program; refund; assessment of producers and processors; budget

4:10-63: Deposit by producers prior to marketing season

4:10-64: Contributions in lieu of advance deposits; repayment

4:10-65: Collection of assessments

4:10-66: Deposit of funds with state treasurer; separate accounts; disbursement

4:10-67: Emblems, labels, designations of grade, quality or condition; filing; use

4:10-68: Cooperation with federal government and other states

4:10-69: Assessments as personal debts; action for collection; penalty

4:10-70: Liability of members and employees of advisory councils

4:10-71: Survival of causes of action; possession as prima facie evidence of offer to sell; exercise of power or duty by agent

4:10-72: Penalties; remedies

4:10-73: Application to laws governing agricultural commodities; control or limitation of production

4:10-74: Application to taxes on poultry feed, white potatoes, asparagus, and apples; alteration of rates, form and manner

4:10-75: Petition for participation by buyers or processors; referendum

4:10-76: "New Jersey Wine Promotion Account"; establishment, funding.

4:10-77: New Jersey Wine Industry Advisory Council; establishment, members, duties

4:10-78: Certification by taxation director

4:10-79: Establishment of organic certification program