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Chapter: 19 - Annual dog taxes

4:19-1: Annual dog taxes

4:19-2: Assessors to set down number of dogs owned

4:19-3: Refusal to report number and age of dogs; penalty

4:19-4: Use of tax collections to pay claims; handling of fund

4:19-5: Claims for and establishment of damages

4:19-6: Suit by municipality against owner

4:19-7: Effect of article on owner's liability

4:19-8: Failure to kill dog found worrying livestock, penalty

4:19-9: Right to destroy offending dogs

4:19-15.1: Definitions.

4:19-15.2: Dogs; license and metal registration tag required; placing tag on dog

4:19-15.2a: Evidence of inoculation with rabies vaccine or certification of exemption; requirement for license

4:19-15.3: Application, renewal of dog license; fee; exemptions

4:19-15.3a: Staggered expiration of licenses, prorated fees

4:19-15.3b: Additional fee; dog of reproductive age without permanent alteration of reproductive capacity; disposition

4:19-15.3c: Additional fee for dogs; disposition

4:19-15.4: Time for applying for license

4:19-15.5: Application for dog license, information requested, preservation

4:19-15.6: Dogs brought into state

4:19-15.7: Removing tag from dog without owner's consent; attaching tag to another dog

4:19-15.8: Licensing of kennel, pet shop, shelter, pound.

4:19-15.9: License fees for kennels and pet shops; no fee for shelter or pound

4:19-15.10: Kennels, pet shops, shelters or pounds; permitting dogs to go off premises

4:19-15.11: Disposition of fees collected

4:19-15.12: Fee for dog license.

4:19-15.13: List of licensed kennels, pet shops, shelters and pounds

4:19-15.14: Rules and regulations for kennels, pet shops, shelters and pounds

4:19-15.14a: Animal facilities, use of artificial turf in outdoor enclosures.

4:19-15.15: Canvass of dogs, report

4:19-15.16: Unclaimed dogs or other animals to be euthanized, offered for adoption.

4:19-15.16a: Rules, regulations concerning training, educational qualifications for animal control officers.

4:19-15.16b: Appointment of certified animal control officer.

4:19-15.16c: Powers, authority of certified animal control officer.

4:19-15.16d: Forwarding of copy of complaint, summons, arrest warrant or report.

4:19-15.17: Seizure of dogs, going on premises for

4:19-15.18: Interfering with persons performing duties under act

4:19-15.19: Violations of act or rules; penalty.

4:19-15.20: Penalty to be paid to plaintiff; disposition.

4:19-15.21: Courts of jurisdiction, summary hearing, process

4:19-15.23: Refusal to pay judgment; confinement in jail

4:19-15.27: Act inapplicable to veterinarians' establishments

4:19-15.28: Statutes repealed

4:19-15.29: Effective date

4:19-15.30: "Pet Sterilization Pilot Program."

4:19-15.31: Exceptions to sterilization requirement for adopted animals.

4:19-15.32: Impounded cat, dog, search for owner prior to release to adopter, euthanization.

4:19-15.33: Registry of animal rescue organizations, facilities.

4:19-16: Liability of owner regardless of viciousness of dog

4:19-17: Findings, declarations

4:19-18: Definitions

4:19-19: Impoundment of dog

4:19-20: Notification of owner of dog; hearing

4:19-21.1: Settlement agreements, immunity of municipality

4:19-22: Dog declared vicious by municipal court; conditions

4:19-23: Dog declared potentially dangerous; conditions.

4:19-24: Registration of potentially dangerous dog; conditions

4:19-25: Appeal of decision

4:19-26: Liability of owner for cost of impounding, destroying dog; rabies testing

4:19-27: Hearing on subsequent actions of dog

4:19-28: Obligations of owner of potentially dangerous dog

4:19-29: Violation by owner; fine, seizure, impoundment of dog

4:19-30: Municipality to register, identify potentially dangerous dogs; publicize phone numbers to report violations

4:19-31: Municipality to establish fee for potentially dangerous dog license

4:19-32: Monthly inspection to verify compliance

4:19-33: Statewide system for registration of potentially dangerous dogs

4:19-34: Actions subject to "New Jersey Tort Claims Act"

4:19-35: Fines, fees, used for enforcement by municipalities

4:19-36: Act to supersede inconsistent local laws

4:19-37: Exemptions for dogs used for law enforcement purposes

4:19-38: Debarking silencing of dog, certain circumstances; third degree crime

4:19-39: Duly licensed veterinarian permitted to debark, silence dog; penalty

4:19-40: Seizure, forfeiture of dog at time of arrest of violator

4:19-41: Statement filed by veterinarian.

4:19-42: Issuance of license, determination as to whether dog surgically debarked, silenced

4:19-43: Information provided to prospective owner