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Chapter: 11A -

40:11A-1: Short title

40:11A-2: Declaration of necessity of legislation

40:11A-3: Definitions

40:11A-4: Creation of parking authorities

40:11A-4.1: Authorization for parking authority to serve as redevelopment entity.

40:11A-5: Authority; commissioners; misconduct; removal

40:11A-6: Powers and purposes of authority

40:11A-6.1: Audit of accounts of parking authority annually; filing

40:11A-6.2: Certified copy of bond resolution and bond proceedings; filing

40:11A-6.3: Senior Citizen Priority Parking Program created by municipal parking authority.

40:11A-7: Right of eminent domain

40:11A-7.1: Relocation or removal of public utility facilities

40:11A-8: Bonds; power to issue.

40:11A-9: Bonds; liability

40:11A-10: Bonds; provisions

40:11A-11: Bonds; validity

40:11A-12: Bonds; powers of authority

40:11A-13: Rights of obligees

40:11A-14: Securing bonds by mortgage or trust indenture; powers of authority after default; pledge of revenue

40:11A-15: Real property exempt from levy

40:11A-16: Bonds; legal investment for banks and trustees

40:11A-17: Contracts respecting labor and materials

40:11A-18: Powers of authority pertaining to other governmental agencies

40:11A-19: Taxation exemption

40:11A-20: Restriction on alteration of powers

40:11A-21: Municipal and county co-operation

40:11A-22: Municipal parking authorities

40:11A-22.1: Parking enforcement officer

40:11A-22.2: Qualifications

40:11A-22.3: Fingerprinting

40:11A-22.4: Eligibility determination

40:11A-22.5: Firearms banned

40:11A-22.6: Training course

40:11A-22.7: Waiver

40:11A-22.8: Uniform

40:11A-22.9: Insignia

40:11A-22.10: Fees

40:11A-22.11: Redesignation

40:11A-23: Aid by public bodies

40:11A-24: Termination of authority

40:11A-25: Validity of chapter

40:11A-26: Inconsistent laws