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Chapter: 3
Chapter: 5 Contributions to first aid, ambulance and rescue squads.
Chapter: 6A Costs of assignment of counsel or other related costs for defense of indigent person; notice; filing; duration of lien; service on defendant
Chapter: 7 Liability of county or municipality; negligence of driver
Chapter: 8 Acquisition and use of lands for airports; lease to others
Chapter: 8C Biotechnology defined
Chapter: 9 Acquisition, improvement, operation and equipment of public transportation passenger or freight rail line
Chapter: 9A Federation of city-county libraries
Chapter: 9B Establishment and maintenance of narcotic treatment programs and centers
Chapter: 9C Mass transit or freight line services; counties and municipalities; subsidies; appropriations
Chapter: 9D
Chapter: 10 Acceptance of monuments; may provide site; becomes public property.
Chapter: 10A
Chapter: 10B
Chapter: 10C Establishment of municipal or county Hispanic advisory commission.
Chapter: 10D Findings, declarations relative to protection of archaeological findings, sites.
Chapter: 11 Salaries not affected by 1930 census or reclassification act; exceptions
Chapter: 11A
Chapter: 12 Board of recreation commissioners; appointment, terms.
Chapter: 13 Contracts for public health service
Chapter: 14 Opening and keeping open waterways; bonds; control
Chapter: 14A Citation of act
Chapter: 14B Citation
Chapter: 15A
Chapter: 16 Construction of subtitle favorably to counties
Chapter: 18 Corporate title; boundaries unaffected
Chapter: 19 Change of county seat
Chapter: 19A Counties of third class; establishment of offices outside county seat and county jail
Chapter: 20 Board of chosen freeholders
Chapter: 23 Books and stationery for county officers
Chapter: 24 Ordinances in effect in 1918 to continue until altered
Chapter: 27 Planning board; members; appointment and term; expenses
Chapter: 28 Lands and buildings for airport purposes; acquisition
Chapter: 29 Appropriation to assist federal government in building bulkheads
Chapter: 32 Acquisition and maintenance of lands and interests for park, recreation, welfare and hospital purposes
Chapter: 33 County library; establishment
Chapter: 33A Creation; membership; terms; vacancies; compensation
Chapter: 33B
Chapter: 34 Erection and maintenance
Chapter: 34A Counties; authorizations; acquisition of property; construction of facility; raising money; issuance of debt obligations; operation of facility
Chapter: 35 Purposes for which plants may be erected
Chapter: 35A Establishment of service and operation of system; resolution or ordinance
Chapter: 37 Shade tree commission; freeholders' powers
Chapter: 37A
Chapter: 37B
Chapter: 37C
Chapter: 37D
Chapter: 38 Repealer
Chapter: 40 Repeal
Chapter: 41A Submission of charter study question
Chapter: 42 Municipality; municipal corporation
Chapter: 43 Every municipality a body corporate
Chapter: 44
Chapter: 45 When held; law applicable
Chapter: 45A Date, time of annual organization, reorganization meeting.
Chapter: 46
Chapter: 47 Legislative findings
Chapter: 47A Emergency; definition
Chapter: 48 Ordinances; general purpose.
Chapter: 48A Acquisition, construction and maintenance of public improvements, works, etc. within grounds of certain camp meeting associations
Chapter: 48B
Chapter: 48C Imposition of taxes
Chapter: 48E
Chapter: 48F Hotel, motel tax authorized, certain.
Chapter: 48G
Chapter: 48H Tax on motor vehicle rentals to finance redevelopment activities.
Chapter: 49 "Ordinance" and "resolution" defined
Chapter: 50 Water supply and sewerage contracts; abrogation by ordinance
Chapter: 52 The governing body may make, amend, repeal and enforce ordinances to license and regulate:
Chapter: 53 Official newspaper designated
Chapter: 54 Establishment; chapter applicable to libraries established under other laws
Chapter: 54A Authorization to create seaquarium authority; name
Chapter: 54C Tourist development commission; creation by ordinance; members; term of office; vacancies; service without compensation
Chapter: 54D
Chapter: 55 Municipalities qualified to receive certain state aid; urban growth zones; determination by ordinance; exemption of projects from land use ordinances
Chapter: 55B
Chapter: 55D
Chapter: 56 Local improvements; definition and enumeration; doing work as general improvement
Chapter: 56A Commission; appointment; terms; vacancies
Chapter: 58 Municipal forestry; establishment
Chapter: 59 Acquisition of lands and buildings; construction
Chapter: 60 Property of certain societies transferred in trust to municipality; purposes
Chapter: 61 General powers; acquisition of property
Chapter: 62 Accounts; supervision by board of public utility commissioners
Chapter: 62A Definition
Chapter: 63 Sale or lease of municipal facilities to privately-owned utility; conditions
Chapter: 64 Shade tree commission; members; appointment
Chapter: 65 Ordinances for cost; conformance to grade; exception
Chapter: 66 Street cleaning; solid waste disposal; ordinances, rules, and regulations
Chapter: 66A
Chapter: 67 Municipal ordinances
Chapter: 68 Acquisition of land; reclamation and improvement of land
Chapter: 68A
Chapter: 69A Election on question whether charter commission shall be elected
Chapter: 70
Chapter: 71 Election; notice
Chapter: 72 Commissioners; number
Chapter: 73 Qualifications sole test for election, appointment
Chapter: 74 Certain ordinances and resolutions filed upon passage; ordinance required in certain cases
Chapter: 75 Members of first commission; election and terms
Chapter: 76 After six years may resume charter
Chapter: 78 Villages coextensive with township; certain township offices abolished
Chapter: 79
Chapter: 80 Special election; petition
Chapter: 81 Members; number; increase or decrease by initiative and referendum.
Chapter: 82 Municipal manager; appointment; salary
Chapter: 83 Selection of officers and employees
Chapter: 84 First election; when held.
Chapter: 85 After four years may abandon this form of government; procedure
Chapter: 103 Incorporation; corporate name
Chapter: 108 Referendum act; mayor and council; wards; councilmen at large; boards and officers; improvements; beach protection; public utility plants
Chapter: 109 Referendum act; mayor and council; boards and officers; public utility plants and improvements; ordinances and finance
Chapter: 141 Waterworks; water for fire and other purposes
Chapter: 151 Records of creation of fire district lost or destroyed; existence recognized
Chapter: 160 Villages separated from townships; autonomy of local government