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Chapter: 76 - After six years may resume charter

40:76-1: After six years may resume charter

40:76-2: Petition for submission; proposition stated

40:76-3: Petition; form and content

40:76-4: Petition need not be on single paper; affidavit annexed

40:76-5: Clerk to examine petition; minor deviations permissible

40:76-6: Defective petitions; clerk to notify agent

40:76-7: Determination of validity of clerk's objections

40:76-8: If petitioners prevail clerk to call election

40:76-9: If clerk prevails petition returned to agent

40:76-10: Petition amended; refiling

40:76-11: Clerk to examine amended petition; procedure same as with original

40:76-12: When petition finally accepted clerk to call election; procedure

40:76-13: Clerk to fix date for election; how fixed

40:76-14: Election not to be held in year of regular election

40:76-15: Notice of election; form and content

40:76-16: Copy of notice filed with board of commissioners

40:76-17: Copies of notice posted and published

40:76-18: Arrangements for election; expenses

40:76-19: Time and place of election; conduct of election

40:76-20: Addition of names to registry books; county board to sit

40:76-21: Ballot; number, form and content

40:76-22: Results canvassed and certified; contents of certificate

40:76-23: Vote required for adoption; effect of adoption; exceptions

40:76-24: Application and operation of certain laws not affected

40:76-25: Educational system unaffected

40:76-26: Proposition not adopted, resubmission to voters.

40:76-27: Certain acts prohibited; penalties