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Chapter: 64 - Shade tree commission; members; appointment

40:64-1: Shade tree commission; members; appointment

40:64-2: Commissioners' term lengths; alternates

40:64-3: Organization; salaries of officers and employees

40:64-4: Vacancies

40:64-5: Powers of commission

40:64-6: Performance of duties of shade tree commission by park commission

40:64-7: Existing commissioners continued; duties and powers; funds, contracts and employees

40:64-8: Cost of trees and improvements; charge and lien on property; exceptions

40:64-9: Planting and removal of trees; notice and hearing; emergencies

40:64-10: Public improvements affecting trees; consent of commission; county park commissions unaffected

40:64-11: Annual appropriation; estimate; amount

40:64-12: Penalty; jurisdiction of courts; copy of ordinance as evidence

40:64-13: Disposition of penalties

40:64-14: No liability for death or injury