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Chapter: 54A - Authorization to create seaquarium authority; name

40:54A-1: Authorization to create seaquarium authority; name

40:54A-2: Appointment of members; qualifications; terms; vacancies; conflict of interest; oath; compensation; officers; quorum; bonds

40:54A-3: Employees and assistants; compensation; selection; civil service; offices; records

40:54A-4: Duty of authority

40:54A-5: General powers

40:54A-6: Resolution of governing body; investigation and report by authority

40:54A-7: Tolls, rents, fees, etc.

40:54A-8: Compliance of charges with terms of lease or other agreement; adjustment of rates; basis

40:54A-9: Acquisition of realty; manner; eminent domain

40:54A-10: Competition with public utility prohibited

40:54A-11: Annual report of authority; rights and powers of municipality; appropriations; use of funds; budget; record of accounts