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Chapter: 81 - Members; number; increase or decrease by initiative and referendum.

40:81-1: Members; number; increase or decrease by initiative and referendum.

40:81-3: Members elected at large

40:81-4: Members of first council; election and terms

40:81-5: Time of annual election; terms.

40:81-5.1: Staggered terms for municipal council members under municipal manager form of government.

40:81-6: Councilmen; removal from office

40:81-7: Organization; mayor chosen

40:81-8: Mayor; powers and duties

40:81-9: Council to be governing body

40:81-10: Council may create and abolish boards and departments

40:81-11: Appointment of municipal manager and other officers; qualifications of attorney; terms of office

40:81-11a: Offices of tax collector and treasurer held by same persons; residence

40:81-11.1: Appointments to water commission by municipal council

40:81-11.2: Termination of present members' term of office for failure to be appointed as provided by this act; vacancy

40:81-13: Advisory boards

40:81-14: Control of funds; disbursements

40:81-15: Examination of accounts

40:81-16: Council to act as body; investigating committees

40:81-17: Certain persons ineligible for appointments

40:81-19: Regular and special meetings; open to public; minutes

40:81-20: Quorum; procedure at meetings

40:81-21: Emergency ordinances