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Chapter: 37A -

40:37A-44: Short title

40:37A-45: Definitions.

40:37A-46: Creation of authority

40:37A-47: Dissolution of authority

40:37A-47.1: Legislative determination

40:37A-48: Appointment of members; terms; vacancies

40:37A-49: Election of officers; terms; appointment of agents and employees

40:37A-50: Powers vested in members, quorum; minutes, approval.

40:37A-51: Compensation of members; reimbursement for expenses

40:37A-52: Ex officio member

40:37A-53: Removal of members of authority

40:37A-54: Purposes.

40:37A-55: Body politic and corporate; powers and duties.

40:37A-55.1: Power of authority for purposes of redevelopment of blighted, deteriorated or deteriorating areas

40:37A-55.2: Prevailing wage rate for workers employed on projects with county improvement authority involvement.

40:37A-55.3: Exercise of rights, powers or duties.

40:37A-55.4: Prevailing wage rules, regulations, adoption by county improvement authority.

40:37A-55.5: Inapplicability of C.40:37A-55.2 through C.40:37A-55.4.

40:37A-56: Report to governing body; powers limited

40:37A-57: Facility charges

40:37A-58: Compliance of facility charges with terms of lease or other agreement regarding facility; adjustment of charges

40:37A-60: Purpose of issuance; bonds authorized; pledge of contributions or revenue, or real or personal property

40:37A-61: Sale of bonds

40:37A-62: Filing copy of bond resolution; publication; effect

40:37A-63: Covenants and agreements with holders of bonds

40:37A-64: Bond provisions

40:37A-65: Receivers

40:37A-66: Liability on bonds

40:37A-67: Negotiability of bonds

40:37A-68: Act as complete authority for issuance of bonds

40:37A-68.1: Contract or agreement to meet deficiency in revenues; approval

40:37A-69: Eminent domain

40:37A-70: Declaration of taking; effect

40:37A-71: Deposit of estimated compensation

40:37A-72: Right of entry and use of land

40:37A-73: Service of notice; payment

40:37A-74: Abandonment of condemnation proceedings

40:37A-75: Additional powers

40:37A-76: Actions by municipalities or county

40:37A-77: Sale, lease, loan, grant or conveyance of, or permit to use, real or personal property of county or municipality

40:37A-78: Lease or other agreement with authority to use public facilities

40:37A-79: Appropriations by county or municipality

40:37A-80: Guaranty of bonds

40:37A-81: Pledge or assignment of lease or other agreement to secure bonds of authority

40:37A-82: Exemption of property of authority from levy and sale

40:37A-83: Payments to municipalities or political subdivisions in lieu of taxes

40:37A-84: Bonds as legal investments

40:37A-85: Tax exemptions

40:37A-86: Guarantee of vested rights of bondholders

40:37A-87: Undertakings for deposits of authority

40:37A-88: Annual audit

40:37A-89: Filing of copy of bond resolution

40:37A-90: Construction of act

40:37A-91: Severability

40:37A-92: Public transportation facility; employees; self-organization

40:37A-93: Representation of majority of employees; election

40:37A-94: Acquisition of privately-owned transportation system; transfer of employees

40:37A-95: Protective conditions and benefits for employees

40:37A-96: Labor disputes; arbitration

40:37A-97: Authority and power

40:37A-98: Authorization to engage in public transportation within and beyond county limits

40:37A-99: Authority deemed a public utility; powers and operations

40:37A-100: Solid waste disposal systems; applicability of Solid Waste Management Act

40:37A-101: Selection of site location for disposal system

40:37A-102: Responsibility for selection of final site; approval required

40:37A-103: Classification of solid waste facility as public utility

40:37A-104: Municipalities; use of facilities

40:37A-105: Exclusion of alternate method of solid waste disposal by municipality with contract with county

40:37A-106: Legislative findings and declarations

40:37A-107: Definitions

40:37A-108: Powers of authority

40:37A-109: Application for loan; forms; contents

40:37A-110: Priority in grant of loans; considerations

40:37A-111: Terms and conditions of loans

40:37A-112: Additional conditions; powers of authority

40:37A-113: Eligibility for admission to housing projects; periodic examination of income; removal due to excessive income

40:37A-114: Priorities in eligibility for admission

40:37A-114.1: Definitions relative to affordable housing occupancy preferences.

40:37A-115: Actions or proceedings; standing of authority; jurisdiction and venue; receiver; reorganizations

40:37A-116: Foreclosure action; parties; powers of court; sales

40:37A-117: Judgment against qualified housing sponsor not pertaining to foreclosure; written notice to authority

40:37A-118: Bonds, bond anticipation notes and other notes and obligations

40:37A-119: Resolution authorizing issuance; provisions; inclusion in contract

40:37A-120: Pledge of revenues, moneys, funds or other property; validity; lien; recordation

40:37A-121: Members of authority or persons executing; nonliability

40:37A-122: Purchase; power of authority

40:37A-123: Housing finance funds; limitations on issuance of bonds or other obligations

40:37A-124: Pledge and agreement of state not to impair rights or remedies of bondholders

40:37A-125: Bonds as legal investment and authorized security for public deposits

40:37A-126: Tax exemptions; property and revenues of authority; interest and income of bonds

40:37A-127: Exemption from execution or other judicial process

40:37A-128: Insurance or guarantee of loan; agreement with department or agency of federal government

40:37A-129: Insurance or guarantee of bonds or other obligations; agreement with department or agency of federal government

40:37A-130: Annual report; audit; contents

40:37A-131: Powers of authority

40:37A-131.1: Payment in lieu of taxes not to exceed 20% of annual gross revenue; determination of assumed assessed value

40:37A-132: Services to authority by units of state and county governments

40:37A-133: Discrimination; prohibition; violations; penalty

40:37A-134: Broad construction of powers

40:37A-135: Severability