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Chapter: 68A -

40:68A-1: Short title

40:68A-2: Declaration of public interest and policy of state

40:68A-3: Definitions

40:68A-4: Port authority; creation by municipalities; membership, filing of ordinances and resolutions

40:68A-5: Members of port authority; powers; terms; expenses; officers, agents and authorities; civil service

40:68A-6: Acquisition of property

40:68A-7: Port authority as political subdivision; powers

40:68A-7.1: Audit of accounts of port authority annually; filing

40:68A-7.2: Certified copies of bond resolutions and bond proceedings; filing

40:68A-8: Service charges

40:68A-9: Appropriations by local units

40:68A-10: Revenue bonds

40:68A-11: Interim certificates; temporary bonds or other instruments

40:68A-12: Notice as to time for bringing actions questioning validity

40:68A-13: Negotiability of bonds or obligations

40:68A-14: Provisions of bond resolutions

40:68A-15: Default in payment of bonds; trustees; appointment; powers; receiver

40:68A-16: Personal liability on bonds; not debt or liability of state or local unit

40:68A-17: Real property; acquisition; condemnation

40:68A-18: Service charge with regard to real property; interest; lien; enforcement; collection

40:68A-19: Sale, lease, loan, grant or conveyance to port authority; permit

40:68A-20: Public bodies to pay service charges

40:68A-21: Mortgage, pledge or disposal of port facilities; exemptions

40:68A-22: Bonds as legal investments

40:68A-23: Property as public property; bonds declared issued by political subdivision; bonds exempt from taxation

40:68A-24: Pledge of State to bondholders

40:68A-25: Banks authorized to give undertaking; deposits

40:68A-26: Competitive activities

40:68A-27: Liberal construction; regulation of port authorities

40:68A-28: Partial invalidity

40:68A-29: Short title

40:68A-30: Declaration of public interest and policy

40:68A-31: Definitions

40:68A-32: Municipal port authority; creation by municipalities; membership; terms; vacancies

40:68A-33: Officers, agents and employees; civil service

40:68A-34: Powers vested in members; quorum

40:68A-35: Reimbursement for expenses; compensation for services

40:68A-36: Interest of members, officers or employees in property or contracts

40:68A-37: Removal of members

40:68A-38: Dissolution of municipal port authority; vesting of property in municipality

40:68A-39: Purpose of municipal port authority

40:68A-40: Municipal port authority as political subdivision; powers

40:68A-41: Facility charges

40:68A-42: Schedule of facility charges

40:68A-43: Powers of municipalities; finances; ordinance

40:68A-43.1: Annual budget, and financial obligations and leases, sales or dispositions of realty; approval of local finance board

40:68A-44: Authority to issue bonds; bond resolution

40:68A-45: Issuance of bonds

40:68A-46: Sale of bonds; interest

40:68A-47: Filing copy of bond resolution; publication of notice; limitation of actions

40:68A-48: Agreements with bondholders

40:68A-49: Default in payment of series bonds; appointment of trustee; powers

40:68A-50: Appointment of receiver; powers and duties

40:68A-51: Personal liability on bonds; not debt or liability of state, county or municipality

40:68A-52: Negotiability of bonds

40:68A-53: Real property; acquisition; condemnation

40:68A-54: Construction or operation of port system; additional powers; relocation of facilities

40:68A-55: Aid and co-operation of local units

40:68A-56: Sale, lease, loan, grant or conveyance to municipal port authority

40:68A-57: Appropriation of money by local unit

40:68A-58: Contracts for use or lease of port system

40:68A-59: Mortgage, pledge or disposal of port system; exceptions

40:68A-60: Exemption from execution

40:68A-61: Payments in lieu of taxes

40:68A-62: Bonds as legal investments

40:68A-63: Tax exemptions

40:68A-64: Pledge of state to bondholders

40:68A-65: Banks authorized to give undertaking; deposits

40:68A-66: Annual audit

40:68A-67: Filing certified copies of bond resolutions and annual budgets

40:68A-68: Liberal construction

40:68A-69: Partial invalidity