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Chapter: 37B -

40:37B-1: Short title

40:37B-2: Definitions

40:37B-3: Creation of authority; membership; filing and publication of resolution

40:37B-4: Dissolution of authority; grounds; filing of resolution

40:37B-5: Appointment of members; terms; filling of vacancies

40:37B-6: Election of chairman and vice-chairman; appointment of other officers, agents and employees

40:37B-7: Vesting of powers; quorum

40:37B-8: Compensation and expenses

40:37B-9: Unlawful interest in contracts

40:37B-10: Purpose of authority

40:37B-11: Creation of other authority for same or similar purposes prohibited

40:37B-12: Body politic and corporate; powers and duties

40:37B-13: Facility charges

40:37B-14: Compliance of facility charges with terms of lease or other agreement; adjustment of charges

40:37B-15: Issuance of bonds and notes; contents of bond resolution

40:37B-16: Purpose of issuance; series bonds; maturity; interest; denominations; execution; redemption; types of bonds

40:37B-17: Act as sole authority for issuance of bonds; inapplicability of other laws

40:37B-18: Sale of bonds and notes

40:37B-19: Bond anticipation notes; sale; report

40:37B-20: Public sale of bonds upon sealed proposals; exceptions; deposit; confirmation of private sale

40:37B-21: Notice of public bond sale; contents; publication

40:37B-22: Terms and conditions of sale

40:37B-23: Sale of bonds by treasurer; report

40:37B-24: Unlawful acts in issuance or sale of obligations

40:37B-25: Failing copy of bond resolution; publication of notice

40:37B-26: Covenants with bondholders

40:37B-27: Default by authority; appointment of trustee; powers and duties

40:37B-28: Appointment of receiver

40:37B-29: Negotiability of bonds or other obligations

40:37B-30: Liability on bonds

40:37B-31: Acquisition of property; eminent domain

40:37B-32: Additional powers

40:37B-33: Aid and co-operation of counties or municipalities; powers

40:37B-34: Sale, lease, loan, grant or conveyance of, or permit to use, real or personal property of county or municipality

40:37B-35: Appropriation of money by counties or municipalities; loans or donations to authority

40:37B-36: Lease by county or municipality for use of public facilities

40:37B-37: Mortgage, pledge, encumbrance or other disposal of public facilities

40:37B-38: Exemption of property of authority from levy and sale

40:37B-39: Annual payments to municipalities in lieu of taxes

40:37B-40: Bonds as legal investments

40:37B-41: Tax exemption

40:37B-42: Guarantee of vested rights of bondholders

40:37B-43: Undertaking for deposits of authority

40:37B-44: Annual audit

40:37B-45: Filing of copy of bond resolution

40:37B-46: Construction of act

40:37B-47: Severability