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Chapter: 75 - Members of first commission; election and terms

40:75-1: Members of first commission; election and terms

40:75-2: Subsequent commissioner; election and terms.

40:75-2.1: Change of form of government--Continuation of commissioners and others in office

40:75-25: Definitions

40:75-26: Construction of article

40:75-27: Recall procedure

40:75-28: Clerk to examine petition; amendment and refiling

40:75-29: Clerk to call election; notice of election

40:75-30: Notice of election served on commissioners; publication

40:75-31: Time for holding recall election; arrangements; expenses

40:75-32: Petition nominating successor; form and content; filing

40:75-33: Clerk to examine petition; if defective clerk to return petition

40:75-34: Procedure where incumbent resigns; where incumbent contests recall; incumbent's petition

40:75-35: Clerk to examine incumbent's petition; amendment and refiling

40:75-36: Failure to file incumbent's petition deemed resignation

40:75-37: Several recall petitions may be consolidated

40:75-38: Ballot; form and content

40:75-39: Adding names to registry list; no primary election

40:75-40: Conduct of election; duties of clerk and election officers

40:75-41: Conduct of election; laws applicable

40:75-42: Result of election determined; vote required

40:75-43: Successor to incumbent; eligibility, election, powers and duties

40:75-44: Clerk to present objections to Superior Court judge

40:75-45: Superior Court assignment judge to sit on election day; action to insure fair election

40:75-46: Election not to be restrained or delayed; effect of writs

40:75-47: Petitions need not be on single paper; minor defects immaterial

40:75-48: Reorganization of board after recall

40:75-49: Certain acts prohibited; penalties.