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Chapter: 27 - Planning board; members; appointment and term; expenses

40:27-1: Planning board; members; appointment and term; expenses

40:27-1.1: Alternate members; appointment; resolution

40:27-2: Duties of board; master plan; municipal co-operation

40:27-3: Employees; experts; master plan part of improvement; bonds

40:27-4: Hearing before plan adopted; notice of hearing; resolution; vote required; municipal master plan, official map or ordinance

40:27-5: Adding to county map; changes submitted to board; map considered binding

40:27-6: Buildings and highways; permits; hearing; penalty; enjoining construction

40:27-6.1: Definitions

40:27-6.2: Review and approval of all subdivisions of land; procedures; engineering and planning standards

40:27-6.3: Submission of subdivision application to board for review and approval; report to municipal authority

40:27-6.4: Review of subdivision application; withholding of approval

40:27-6.5: Certification of subdivision plat; acceptance for filing

40:27-6.6: Review and approval of site plans for land development along county roads or affecting county drainage facilities.

40:27-6.7: Report of approval or disapproval to local authority; time limit; extension

40:27-6.8: Resolution vesting power to review and approve subdivisions and site plans with director

40:27-6.9: Appeal by aggrieved persons; hearing; decision

40:27-6.10: Filing copy of planning and zoning ordinances with boards; notice of proposed revision of ordinance

40:27-6.11: Application to board of adjustment involving land fronting county road, adjoins other county lands or is within 200 feet of municipal boundary; notice

40:27-6.12: Continuation of board's authority to review and approve land subdivision

40:27-6.13: Notice of hearing on granting variance or establishing or amending official municipal map; contents

40:27-8: Existing boards continued in conformity with this chapter