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Chapter: 12 - Board of recreation commissioners; appointment, terms.

40:12-1: Board of recreation commissioners; appointment, terms.

40:12-1.1: Appointment of alternate members to local boards of recreation commissioners

40:12-2: Additional commissioners in certain municipalities

40:12-3: Acquisition of property; costs estimated and determined

40:12-4: Acquisition of property; authorization; condemnation

40:12-5: Games and exhibitions; admission fee; no charge for children

40:12-6: Powers of board of recreation commissioners.

40:12-7: Appropriation for current expenses; office

40:12-8: Costs and expenses; bonds; special fund

40:12-9: Joint action by municipalities or by municipality and school district or county

40:12-14: Joint municipal action

40:12-15: Forest reserve as public park

40:12-15.1: Definitions relative to recreation, conservation, floodplain protection, farmland, and historic preservation.

40:12-15.2: Submission by county of proposition authorizing annual levy.

40:12-15.3: Propositions deemed approved by voters of county.

40:12-15.4: Lands acquired by county held in trust.

40:12-15.5: Apportionment by county of amounts raised by taxation.

40:12-15.6: Adoption by county of resolution authorizing distribution of monies.

40:12-15.7: Submission by municipality of proposition authorizing annual levy.

40:12-15.8: Propositions deemed approved by voters of municipality.

40:12-15.9: Lands acquired by municipality held in trust.

40:12-15.10: Agreement with charitable conservancy, non-profit organization.

40:12-16.1: Adoption of prioritized list of eligible farmland.

40:12-20: Findings, declarations relative to county, municipal parks

40:12-21: Definitions relative to county, municipal parks

40:12-22: Agreements to provide for maintenance, operation or improvement

40:12-23: Provision of equipment, materials, supplies, services

40:12-24: Advertising, promotion

40:12-25: Public recognition of participating entity

40:12-26: No liability in civil actions, insurance

40:12-27: Participating entity, not public, State employees

40:12-28: Applicable laws, regulations

40:12-29: Donations, solicitation authorized

40:12-30: County receiving funding required to create completely inclusive playground.