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Chapter: 72 - Commissioners; number

40:72-1: Commissioners; number

40:72-1.1: Municipality with board of three commissioners; additional commissioners; petition, ordinance and referendum

40:72-1.2: Ballot; form and content

40:72-1.3: Vote required for adoption; amendment and repeal

40:72-2: All powers vested in board of commissioners

40:72-3: General powers; power to pass ordinances for specific purposes

40:72-4: Department; distribution of powers

40:72-5: Jurisdiction of commission over departments and officers thereof

40:72-6: Commissioners assigned to departments

40:72-6.1: Assignment of departmental powers and duties in counties of first and second class

40:72-7: Subordinate boards and officers; appointment and removal

40:72-9: Appointment of deputy by director in second class cities and certain fourth class cities

40:72-10: Mayor; selection; no veto power

40:72-11: Mayor; duties

40:72-12: Director of finance; when to act as mayor

40:72-13: Regular and special meetings; open to public; minutes

40:72-14: Quorum; voting; vote recorded in minutes

40:72-16: Board first elected may revise and add to appropriations

40:72-18: Use of fees received from water rents

40:72-19: Power to construct convention halls in cities