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Chapter: 14A - Citation of act

40:14A-1: Citation of act

40:14A-2: Declaration of policy; purpose

40:14A-3: Definitions.

40:14A-4: Creation of sewerage authorities

40:14A-4.1: Name change to water reclamation authority, permitted

40:14A-4.2: Provisions relative to budgets of regional sewerage authorities.

40:14A-5: Powers of sewerage authority.

40:14A-6: Sewers; acquisition; operation

40:14A-7: Sewerage authority a public body corporate; powers.

40:14A-7.1: Audit of accounts of sewerage authority annually; filing

40:14A-7.2: Certified copies of bond resolutions and proceedings; filing

40:14A-7.3: Interest on deposits with sewerage authorities

40:14A-7.4: Service charge by sewerage authority for returned check

40:14A-8: Service charges authorized.

40:14A-8a: Sewerage authority may charge additional fees under certain circumstances.

40:14A-8.1: Definitions; host community benefit

40:14A-8.2: Establishment of rates or schedules for senior citizens, disabled

40:14A-8.3: Reduction in fees by sewerage authority for certain affordable housing projects.

40:14A-8.4: Credit provided by sewerage authority for damage caused by catastrophic event.

40:14A-8.5: Sewerage authority may provide a credit for certain fees.

40:14A-9: Appropriations by local unit to sewerage authority; construction, financing and operation of sewage facilities by local unit

40:14A-10: Bonds; issuance authorized

40:14A-11: Resolution for issuance of bonds; ordinance; sale of bonds

40:14A-12: Funding or refunding bonds

40:14A-13: Interim certificates or bonds

40:14A-14: Filing copy of bond resolution; publication of notice; objections

40:14A-15: Negotiability of bonds

40:14A-16: Provisions authorized in bond resolution

40:14A-17: Series of bonds; default; trustee for holders

40:14A-18: Receiver; powers

40:14A-19: Liability on bonds; exemptions

40:14A-20: Real property; acquisition

40:14A-21: Interest on service charges; liens; enforcement

40:14A-22: Sale or lease of property by county or municipality to sewerage authority

40:14A-23: Contracts for collection, treatment or disposal of sewage; powers of sewage authority

40:14A-24: Sewage and industrial wastes

40:14A-25: Connections with existing drains and pumping stations

40:14A-26: Connections with drains serving county and other property; service charges

40:14A-27: Mortgage or sale of property of authority; limitations; exemption

40:14A-28: Pollution prohibited; prevention of violations

40:14A-29: Construction of other disposal plants prohibited

40:14A-30: Investments in sewerage authority bonds authorized

40:14A-31: Taxation exemption

40:14A-31.1: Eligibility for annual host municipality benefit; calculation

40:14A-31.2: Payment of benefit

40:14A-31.3: Benefit constitutes personal obligation of authority

40:14A-32: Pledge of State to bondholders

40:14A-33: Depositary bonds required of banking institutions

40:14A-34: Repeal section

40:14A-35: Liberal construction; independent authority

40:14A-36: Jurisdiction, rights of State agencies unaffected.

40:14A-37: Severability clause

40:14A-38: Findings, declarations relative to utility improvements for sewers

40:14A-39: Definitions relative to utility improvements for sewers

40:14A-40: Conditions of final site plan approval

40:14A-41: Payments to professionals for services rendered to sewerage authority

40:14A-42: Maintenance, performance guarantee; cash requirement

40:14A-43: Disputes by applicant of charges made by professional; appeal

40:14A-44: Estimate of cost of installation of improvements

40:14A-45: Acceptance of performance, maintenance guarantee which is irrevocable letter of credit