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Chapter: 54 - Establishment; chapter applicable to libraries established under other laws

40:54-1: Establishment; chapter applicable to libraries established under other laws

40:54-2: Referendum

40:54-3: Referendum; notice

40:54-4: Ballot; form and content

40:54-5: Election returns

40:54-6: Vote required for adoption

40:54-7: Rejection of proposition; second election

40:54-7.1: Dissolution of free public libraries.

40:54-8: Library tax.

40:54-8.1: Limitation on increase in amount raised by taxation.

40:54-8.2: Preparation of ballots.

40:54-9: Trustees; number, appointment and term; alternates

40:54-10: Vacancies; how filled

40:54-11: Trustees; corporate name; organization; officers; certificate; recording and filing

40:54-12: Powers of board.

40:54-12.1: Purchases not requiring advertisements for bids

40:54-12.2: Free public library administrators, duties

40:54-13: Trustees; treasurer; bond and duties

40:54-14: Trustees; compensation; limitation on amount of indebtedness

40:54-15: Annual report, identification of excess funds to municipality, transfer procedure.

40:54-16: Appropriation for furnishing

40:54-17: Fines expended for library purposes

40:54-17.1: Moneys from operation of photocopy machines

40:54-18: Use of money paid by library to municipal treasury

40:54-19: Devises and bequests to trustees.

40:54-19.1: Loan of funds received as gift or bequest

40:54-19.2: Strict compliance with law in making loans required

40:54-19.3: Investment of funds; regulation of bonds or securities

40:54-19.4: Custody of securities; report; minutes

40:54-19.5: Income from investments

40:54-20: Gifts of works of art; acceptance and maintenance

40:54-21: Acceptance of conditional gifts generally

40:54-22: Custodian of gifts; expenditure

40:54-23: Municipalities may furnish site where buildings are offered; amount

40:54-24: Purchase of site; title

40:54-25: Lands and buildings; purchase and alteration; financing; title

40:54-26: Bond issues

40:54-27: Redemption of bonds

40:54-28: Acquisition of lands by condemnation

40:54-29: Transfer of books to library

40:54-29.3: Joint free public libraries

40:54-29.4: Apportionment of appropriations

40:54-29.5: Joint library agreement, filing.

40:54-29.6: Notification of governing bodies after adoption of ordinance; submission of question to voters

40:54-29.7: Form of ballot

40:54-29.8: Approval of resolution

40:54-29.9: Amendment of joint library agreement; approval by ordinance

40:54-29.10: Joint library trustees

40:54-29.11: Termination of boards of trustees of free public libraries of participating municipalities; assets and obligations

40:54-29.12: Board of trustees as body corporate; name

40:54-29.13: Board of trustees

40:54-29.13a: Joint free public library administrators, duties

40:54-29.14: Disbursing officer

40:54-29.15: Employees

40:54-29.16: Certification of sum needed for operation of joint library; apportionment.

40:54-29.17: Raising of sum needed, quarterly payments.

40:54-29.18: Capital improvements; certification of sums needed; apportionment of costs

40:54-29.19: Appropriation for capital improvements; borrowing

40:54-29.20: Consent to capital improvements; expenditures

40:54-29.21: Title to realty

40:54-29.22: Discontinuance of participation in joint library; notice; joint meeting of governing bodies

40:54-29.23: Discontinuance.

40:54-29.24: Discontinuance; form of ballot

40:54-29.25: Discontinuance; effect of majority approval; participation in joint library by remaining municipalities

40:54-29.26: Repeal

40:54-35: Library funds