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Chapter: 60 - Property of certain societies transferred in trust to municipality; purposes

40:60-10: Property of certain societies transferred in trust to municipality; purposes

40:60-11: Acceptance of property in trust; appointment of trustees

40:60-12: Purchase of lands adjoining trust lands; bonds; use of income and proceeds

40:60-13: Municipality not liable for misappropriation of funds

40:60-14: Property held in trust for municipality; appointment of new trustee

40:60-15: Public buildings as memorials; subscriptions

40:60-16: Ordinance for construction; contributions to be paid before contract executed

40:60-17: Bonds; annual appropriation; care and maintenance

40:60-18: Commission to supervise; constituted; powers and duties

40:60-19: Treasurer of commission; selection and duties

40:60-20: Treasurer's bond

40:60-21: Title; funds kept separate; disbursements

40:60-22: Expenses of commissioners

40:60-23: Plans and specifications; approval by architect or engineer

40:60-24: Existing buildings for public memorials; acquisition

40:60-25: Buildings for museum of arts and sciences, etc.; federal grants for community centers

40:60-25.1: Public parking lots; acquisition of land; use of land; leases

40:60-25.2: Lease of land for parking lot

40:60-25.3: Improvement and maintenance; employees

40:60-25.4: Operating expenses; parking fees

40:60-25.5: Liability of municipality for damages

40:60-25.6: Validation

40:60-25.7: Definitions

40:60-25.8: Municipality may purchase property exempt from taxation because of state contract

40:60-25.9: Other property may also be purchased

40:60-25.10: Encumbrances

40:60-25.11: Appropriations; bonds and notes

40:60-25.12: Intent of act; validity of bonds and notes

40:60-25.13: Disposition of property; repairs and maintenance

40:60-25.14: Surrender of tax exemption

40:60-25.15: Incidental powers of municipality

40:60-25.16: Partial invalidity

40:60-25.17: Inconsistent acts superseded

40:60-25.18: Industrial property; management

40:60-25.19: Plant management commission; members

40:60-25.20: Powers of commission

40:60-25.21: Revenue from plant operations; dedicated funds

40:60-25.22: Sale of plants; proceeds pledged to payment of bonds issued

40:60-25.23: Annual reports by commission

40:60-25.24: Terms and conditions of leases or sales of plants; approval of contracts

40:60-25.25: Employment of manager, engineers, etc.; civil service applicable to employees

40:60-25.26: Partial invalidity

40:60-25.27: Autobus terminals; power to establish; leases; conditions

40:60-25.28: Use of municipal property

40:60-25.29: Lands declared to be acquired and used for a public purpose; eminent domain

40:60-25.30: Private property; purchase or condemnation; bonds; construction cost a municipal charge; fees; rules and regulations

40:60-25.31: Property acquired to be self-supporting and taxable

40:60-25.32: Annual appropriations

40:60-25.33: Cemeteries which are public nuisances; acquisition by municipalities and boards of education

40:60-25.34: Cemeteries detrimental to public health or morals; possession by municipality

40:60-25.35: Investigation

40:60-25.36: Use for park, school purposes or other public uses

40:60-25.37: Proceedings where church or other corporation controlling cemetery is unable or refuses to convey

40:60-25.39: Determination

40:60-25.40: Removal of bodies and reburial; records and maps

40:60-25.41: Taking of possession

40:60-25.42: Commissioners to appraise land; notice

40:60-25.43: Cost of removal of bodies and of new site; lien; payment of difference to lot owners

40:60-25.44: Report; objections; notice

40:60-25.45: Objections to report

40:60-25.46: Borrowing money; bonds

40:60-25.51: Acquisition of land and buildings for use by municipality, county, State or United States; courts; lease

40:60-25.52: Financing of acquisition and improvement; acquisition of facilities for use by county or courts

40:60-25.53: Historic sites; acquisition and maintenance

40:60-25.54: Acquisition of lands for future school sites; approval

40:60-25.55: Future school sites; use for public purpose pending conveyance to board of education

40:60-25.56: Consideration for conveyance to board of education

40:60-25.57: Acquisition of real property for use by State-operated college of medicine or college of medicine and dentistry

40:60-25.58: Declaration of taking; filing; deposit of estimated value; surrender of possession; notice; amount of compensation

40:60-25.59: Relocation assistance program; services

40:60-25.60: Payments to displaced persons, business concern or nonprofit organization

40:60-25.61: Abandoned burying ground or cemetery; application for order vesting title in municipality

40:60-25.62: Inquiry to locate owner; certification

40:60-25.63: Vesting of title in municipality

40:60-25.64: Maintaining and preserving burying ground or cemetery; interments; disinterments

40:60-28: Sale of vacated street land; advertisement unnecessary

40:60-28.1: Riparian lands purportedly dedicated as street; sale when not needed

40:60-32: Vacation of lands dedicated to public use other than a public street; referendum

40:60-33: Referendum; notice and publication

40:60-34: Ballot; form and content

40:60-35: Fee restored to owner to be absolute

40:60-36.1: Lands restricted to beach and park purposes; retention or disposition; referendum; optional courses

40:60-36.2: Lands conveyed with conditions, limitations and restrictions; election on retention

40:60-36.3: Offer of reconveyance of lands conveyed with conditions and restrictions

40:60-36.4: Use of lands conveyed with conditions on refusal of offer of reconveyance

40:60-40.6: Reconveyance of unneeded lands to nonprofit hospital association

40:60-40.7: Persons whose residential improved property is to be acquired for highway or other public purposes; application to buy unneeded lands

40:60-40.8: Ordinance authorizing sale; price; terms and conditions

40:60-40.9: Contents of notice of pendency of ordinance resolution authorizing sale and conveyance; reversion of title

40:60-41: Public burial grounds devoted to other public uses; disinterment of bodies

40:60-46: Leasing municipally owned and operated casino and bathing establishment; referendum

40:60-47: Petition; sufficiency

40:60-48: Lease; term

40:60-49: Advertisement for bids; award

40:60-49.1: Lease of cultural centers; exemption of leasehold interest from taxation

40:60-50: Transfer of municipal property to federal government for national park

40:60-51: National park; referendum if voters protest

40:60-51.2: Power to waive restrictions.

40:60-51.5: Waiver, release or modification of covenants, conditions or limitations as to erection of buildings or use of land in conveyances

40:60-51.7: Sale of lands acquired for places of resort and recreation

40:60-51.8: Burial grounds for indigents; removal and reinterment of bodies; sale of land

40:60-51.9: Cost of removal and reinterment

40:60-51.10: Applicability of act to sales of land previously made

40:60-51.12: Leasing of municipal real estate to nonprofit entities