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Chapter: 43 - Every municipality a body corporate

40:43-1: Every municipality a body corporate

40:43-2: Records of municipal incorporations prior to March 28, 1930

40:43-3: Records of municipal incorporations after March 28, 1930

40:43-4: Petition for; referendum

40:43-5: Adoption of changed name; copies filed

40:43-6: Effect of change on charter; ordinances

40:43-7: Actions and liabilities unaffected

40:43-8: Corporate title shortened

40:43-9: When effective; actions and liabilities unaffected; resolution published

40:43-9.1: No proceedings for new charter or form of government while other proceedings pending

40:43-10: Acquisition of property and liabilities; apportionment

40:43-11: Officers continued; new government established

40:43-12: Substitution of parties in legal action

40:43-13: Taxes and assessments; enforcement and collection

40:43-14: Election districts; election procedure

40:43-15: Division into wards

40:43-16: Organization of newly elected officers

40:43-17: Joint committee to divide property; appointment

40:43-18: Joint meeting; property and indebtedness apportioned

40:43-19: Quorum; procedure; clerk appointed

40:43-20: Joint committee; powers; subpoenas

40:43-21: Commissioners appointed where no agreement reached

40:43-21.1: Refunding pro rata share of indebtedness

40:43-22: Dissolution of municipality

40:43-23: Officers of old municipality residing in new municipality; how affected

40:43-24: Special acts repealed on incorporation; rights thereunder unaffected

40:43-25: Real estate includes sewers; indebtedness for; neither considered in apportionment

40:43-25.1: Newly created municipalities may adopt by reference ordinances of municipality of which it was a part

40:43-25.2: Adoption of ordinances by reference; procedure

40:43-64.1: Consolidation of borough under jurisdiction of Local Government Board with township not so functioning; release

40:43-64.2: Release of consolidating borough from liability to county for delinquent taxes; approval

40:43-64.3: Transfer of property and rights to township; liabilities; offices; adjustments

40:43-65: Consolidation of boroughs or other municipalities with cities lying in different counties

40:43-66.35: Short title

40:43-66.36: Legislative findings and declarations

40:43-66.37: Definitions

40:43-66.38: Authorization

40:43-66.39: Proposal for formation of joint municipal consolidation study commission.

40:43-66.40: Petition for formation of joint municipal consolidation study commission; certification of sufficiency; transmittal

40:43-66.41: Question of forming consolidation commission submitted to voters; alternative methods.

40:43-66.42: Election of members of consolidation commission.

40:43-66.43: Qualifications of candidates of consolidation commission.

40:43-66.45: Membership of joint municipal consolidation study commission.

40:43-66.46: Certification of election results

40:43-66.47: Appointment of commissioner's representative.

40:43-66.48: Organization, meeting of consolidation commission.

40:43-66.49: Vacancies

40:43-66.50: Duties and function; report of findings and recommendations

40:43-66.51: Meetings and hearings; application of Open Public Meetings Act; subpenas

40:43-66.52: Compensation of members; reimbursement of expenses

40:43-66.53: Budget; apportionment among municipalities; acceptance of aid; facilities and employees; audit

40:43-66.54: Study of fiscal aspects of proposed consolidation.

40:43-66.56: Filing of final report, recommendations.

40:43-66.57: Discharge of commission

40:43-66.58: Recommendations in final report

40:43-66.59: Referendum

40:43-66.60: Special charter; petition to legislature upon approval of plan by voters

40:43-66.61: Prohibition on creation of joint municipal consolidation study commission while proceedings pending.

40:43-66.62: Vote necessary

40:43-66.63: Consolidation of municipalities; election of officers; date of consolidation; ward boundaries; election district boundaries

40:43-66.64: New corporate entity; adoption of ordinances by resolution; notice; publication; application of general laws of state

40:43-66.65: Succession in government

40:43-66.66: Cooperation of officers and employees of participating municipalities

40:43-66.67: Transfer of funds and property; tax levy for property subject to separate taxation

40:43-66.68: Officers and appointees of governing body of participating municipalities; termination of office

40:43-66.69: Legal proceedings

40:43-66.70: Debt obligations and bond issues

40:43-66.71: Permits, licenses and franchises

40:43-66.72: Succession in school districts

40:43-66.73: Principals, teachers and employees in public schools

40:43-66.74: Members of school boards of education

40:43-66.75: Officers and employees

40:43-66.76: Joint service program grant; application; limitations

40:43-66.77: Liberal construction of act; severability

40:43-66.78: Findings, declarations relative to consolidation of sparsely populated municipalities

40:43-66.79: Definitions

40:43-66.80: Ordinance proposing municipality's consolidation; consent

40:43-66.81: Question of consolidation submitted to voters

40:43-66.82: Meeting with mayors; timetable of consolidation

40:43-66.83: Effects of consolidation

40:43-66.84: Tuition, transportation costs of students on federal property