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Chapter: 68 - Acquisition of land; reclamation and improvement of land

40:68-1: Acquisition of land; reclamation and improvement of land

40:68-2: Contracts; plans, specifications, advertisement and bids

40:68-3: Lease of improvements; terms; lessee's bond; use of improvement by others

40:68-4: Ordinances relating to water fronts

40:68-5: Acquisition of railroads and equipment connecting with water front improvements

40:68-6: Operation of railroad by municipality; lease to corporation

40:68-7: Income from improvements and railway; use of; annual deficits

40:68-8: Funds for supervision and control of improvements and ferries

40:68-9: Officers, agents and employees

40:68-10: Annual report; contents; filing

40:68-11: Powers conferred deemed additional

40:68-12: Private wharves or other improvements; license for construction; application; procedure

40:68-13: Failure to obtain license; effect; penalty; duration of license

40:68-14: Removal of obstruction from wharves; procedure on failure of owner

40:68-15: Persons aggrieved may petition court; procedure

40:68-16: Municipal appropriation to assist federal government in protecting water front

40:68-17: "Port authority" defined

40:68-18: "Marine terminal" defined

40:68-19: "Property" defined

40:68-20: Powers appurtenant to establishment and maintenance of marine terminals

40:68-21: Use of income; issuance of bonds and other obligations

40:68-22: Local harbor and water front commission; creation; members; appointment; term

40:68-23: Powers and duties.

40:68-24: Governing body approval required

40:68-25: Dedicated revenues; applicability of section 40:2-18

40:68-26: Repeals

40:68-27: Establishment of district; ordinance; special election

40:68-28: Beach erosion control commission; establishment

40:68-29: Election of commissioners; term

40:68-30: Vacancies; special election; term

40:68-31: Petition for nomination

40:68-32: Verification of petition

40:68-33: Filing of petition

40:68-34: Ballots; form and content; advertisement of election

40:68-35: Judge of election; teller; compensation

40:68-36: Registry list; persons entitled to vote

40:68-37: Polls; hours open; record of persons voting

40:68-38: Counting of votes; certification of results; forwarding to municipal clerk; announcement of results

40:68-39: Oaths; meeting; election of officers; acts of majority

40:68-40: Powers

40:68-41: Entry upon lands or waters to make surveys, borings, sounding and examinations; condemnation; compensation

40:68-42: Bonds, notes or other evidence of indebtedness; issuance; limitation

40:68-43: Guaranty of bonds

40:68-44: Issuance of notes, bonds or other evidence of indebtedness according to Local Bond Law; purchase of bonds by municipality

40:68-45: Appropriation of moneys; loans or donations to district

40:68-46: Budget; adoption

40:68-47: Payment of moneys to district treasurer

40:68-48: District contracts

40:68-49: Annual audit

40:68-50: Dissolution of district; debts and obligations; property; resolution as evidence

40:68-51: Partial invalidity

40:68-52: Removal of district members; grounds; hearing