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Chapter: 3 -

40:3-1: Definitions

40:3-2: Contracts as to bonds, notes not impaired

40:3-3: When sinking fund commission to determine requirements

40:3-4: Sinking fund commissions; appointment, duties and powers.

40:3-5: Commission to supersede all commissions; body corporate; disbursements; investments

40:3-6: Certain officers to act when commission not functioning

40:3-7: Foreclosure of mortgages; municipal sinking fund for school district bonds

40:3-8: Commissioners not to receive compensation; bonds; secretary and assistants

40:3-9: Custodian of moneys and securities; investments; accounts

40:3-10: Sinking fund moneys; investment of

40:3-11: Annual report; publication

40:3-12: Accounts; how kept; classification of bonds; accretions; interest; losses

40:3-13: When commission may sell bonds of county, school district or municipality

40:3-14: Bonds falling due; funds transmitted for payment

40:3-15: Commissioners may enforce payment to sinking fund of sums due

40:3-16: Annual sinking fund requirements; amortization basis

40:3-17: Sinking fund requirements for year; how calculated

40:3-18: When contributions to cease

40:3-19: Excess accumulations, to reduce requirements of sinking fund; deficiency

40:3-20: Outstanding term bonds tabulated; adjustment of excesses and deficits; surpluses

40:3-21: Deficiency in sinking funds; how raised

40:3-22: Special sinking fund requirements additional to annual requirements

40:3-23: Special sinking fund; distribution of

40:3-24: Interest on surplus; use of