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Chapter: 37D -

40:37D-1: Short title

40:37D-2: Findings, declarations

40:37D-3: Definitions

40:37D-4: Creation of county food distribution authority

40:37D-5: Powers of authority, general

40:37D-6: County food processing and distribution center

40:37D-7: Powers of authority relative to highways and lands

40:37D-8: Exercise of power of eminent domain

40:37D-9: Issuance of bonds, notes

40:37D-10: Additional powers of authority relative to bond covenants

40:37D-11: Pledges by authority immediately valid, binding

40:37D-12: Establishment of additional reserves, funds, accounts

40:37D-13: Pledge of State

40:37D-14: Investment of funds, moneys in authority bonds

40:37D-15: Conveyance of governmental real property to authority

40:37D-16: Tax treatment of authority facilities, property, bonds

40:37D-17: Annual report to Local Finance Board