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Chapter: 65 - Ordinances for cost; conformance to grade; exception

40:65-1: Ordinances for cost; conformance to grade; exception

40:65-2: Notice of improvement; contents

40:65-3: Service of notice

40:65-4: Publication of notice where service impossible

40:65-5: Proof of service

40:65-6: Notice of improvement unnecessary where notice of ordinance given

40:65-7: Municipality to make improvement on neglect of owner; contracts

40:65-8: Costs; record filed; apportionment and assessment; notice to owners

40:65-9: Assessments a lien; collection and enforcement; installments; errors immaterial

40:65-9.1: Repair or reconstruction of sidewalks at public expense

40:65-9.2: Resolution

40:65-9.3: Appropriations and procedure

40:65-9.4: Repair or reconstruction of curbs at public expense

40:65-9.5: Resolution

40:65-9.6: Appropriations and procedure

40:65-10: Crosswalks

40:65-11: Municipality may make annual contract for sidewalks

40:65-12: Removal of grass, weeds, snow and ice; procedure upon failure

40:65-12.1: Definitions relative to snow removal from fire hydrants.

40:65-12.2: Rules, regulations.

40:65-12.3: Volunteer snow removal programs.

40:65-13: Sidewalks on land under control of county; cost; assessments and collection

40:65-14: Sidewalks in municipalities; ordinances for imposition on abutting landowners of expense of construction, repair, alteration or maintenance; procedure

40:65-15: Reimbursement of account used to pay costs connected with sidewalk improvement

40:65-16: Application of act