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Chapter: 67 - Municipal ordinances

40:67-1: Municipal ordinances

40:67-2: Ordinances and resolutions filed

40:67-3: Hack or cab stands at hotels

40:67-4: Materials for street improvements

40:67-5: Streets occupied by railroad; improvement of; cost apportioned

40:67-6: Conduits for wires; rental; construction by utility corporation

40:67-6.1: Permits to United States; conduits; manholes or other appurtenances

40:67-6.2: Liability of municipality for injuries or damage as result of permits to United States

40:67-7: Change or improvement of streets; removal and relocation of tracks, poles and other property

40:67-8: Municipal improvements affecting private structures

40:67-9: Municipality may do work if owner fails; recovery of cost

40:67-10: Franchises and rights of owners unaffected by relocation

40:67-11: Street improvements; house connections by owner

40:67-12: Municipality to make improvements on refusal of owner; costs

40:67-12.1: Taking land for improving roads or streets; procedure

40:67-12.2: Time for fixing value of property; payment into court

40:67-12.3: Compensation for private structure or building maintained within boundaries of street

40:67-13: Street lighting; land, buildings and equipment

40:67-14: Contracts for street lighting; exception

40:67-15: Contract with county for street lighting; terms; powers conferred additional

40:67-16: Safety zones and other structures for traffic regulations; exceptions

40:67-16.1: System of truck routes; establishment; exclusion of trucks from other streets

40:67-16.2: Exceptions

40:67-16.3: State highway routes; county roads

40:67-16.4: Marking routes

40:67-16.5: Enforcement; penalties

40:67-16.5a: Fines for violation of certain truck route ordinances; required signage.

40:67-16.6: Limiting use of streets to certain classes of vehicles

40:67-16.7: Temporary closing of streets for ingress and egress to school or for provision of recreational facilities

40:67-16.8: Approval of regulation by director of division of motor vehicles

40:67-16.9: Closing of street for preservation of public safety, health or welfare; authorization by governing body by ordinance; regulations

40:67-16.10: Ordinances and regulations; approval

40:67-17: Statues and memorials erected upon public streets

40:67-18: Spanish American war monuments; municipal contribution

40:67-19: Vacation of streets and places dedicated but not accepted; ordinance; notice and hearing

40:67-20: Abandonment of plans to open or widen streets; disposition of lands

40:67-21: Vacation of streets and places; recording; copy as evidence

40:67-22: Vacation of streets and public places between March 11, 1920, and March 11, 1922; recording; copy as evidence

40:67-22.1: Payment for vacating street

40:67-23: Return of taxes paid on certain streets

40:67-23.1: Road, street services

40:67-23.2: Definitions

40:67-23.3: Municipality to reimburse private community for services or provide services

40:67-23.4: Private community to pay insurance riders

40:67-23.5: Use of municipal reimbursement to pay for services

40:67-23.6: Schedule for reimbursement for portion of cost

40:67-23.7: Acceptance for public use if conforms to municipal specifications

40:67-23.8: Additional services; repeal of ordinance; prior agreements to remain in effect

40:67-26: Passage of ordinances; subsequent proceedings by resolution; supervision by county

40:67-27: Contract with county; advertisement for bids unnecessary

40:67-28: Assessment for benefits; bonds and improvement certificates

40:67-29: Highways may be connected by tunnels; approaches

40:67-30: Use of state land

40:67-31: Location of tunnel and approaches; right of entry upon lands

40:67-32: Acquisition of necessary land; damages to land compensated

40:67-33: Contract with landowners to build tunnel; contribution by; streets vacated

40:67-34: Statement of cost and damages filed

40:67-35: Tunnel considered general improvement

40:67-47: Release or extinction of public right in canal or canal bed not used for twenty years

40:67-48: Filing copy of ordinance; evidence