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Chapter: 62 - Accounts; supervision by board of public utility commissioners

40:62-1: Accounts; supervision by board of public utility commissioners

40:62-2: Records pertaining to utilities; report to public utility commissioners; standards of operation and service

40:62-3: Ordinance authorizing sale or lease; laws governing

40:62-3.1: Transfer of water utility system serving less than 5% of population; ordinance; authorization; terms; approval

40:62-4: Resolution authorizing sale or lease; advertisement for bids

40:62-5: Ordinance providing referendum; ballot; form and content

40:62-6: Use of proceeds of sale or lease; investment pending use

40:62-7: Establishment; lands and buildings; acquisition and construction; use and regulation

40:62-8: Joint municipal airports

40:62-9: Bonds to be obligations of single municipality

40:62-10: Establishment; appropriation; lands, buildings and equipment

40:62-11: Management; prices fixed; ordinances and resolutions

40:62-12: Municipal gas, steam and electricity plants; establishment and equipment; consent of other municipalities; procedure on refusal

40:62-13: Officers and employees; ordinances to regulate use of facilities; rate fixing

40:62-13.1: Rates, schedules established by municipal utility providing electricity.

40:62-14: Rents a lien; collection and enforcement

40:62-15: Referendum; petition; submission by governing body

40:62-16: Copy of resolution; service

40:62-17: Ballot; form and content

40:62-18: Notice and conduct of election

40:62-19: Procedure after adoption

40:62-20: Second election

40:62-21: Contracts to supply light, heat and power

40:62-22: Extension of plants

40:62-23: Municipality serving county or other municipality treated as private corporation

40:62-24: Municipality serving others deemed public utility; control by board of public utilities; rate structure

40:62-25: Contracts for supply of light, heat and power; duration

40:62-25.1: Joint acquisition, maintenance and operation of electrical generation facilities; contracts

40:62-25.2: Duration of contract; ownership and control of facilities

40:62-25.3: Bonds or anticipation notes to finance

40:62-25.4: Construction of act; application of laws on public contracts

40:62-25.5: Severability

40:62-25.6: Municipality providing heat, light or power, electronic billing, payment, permitted.

40:62-26: Municipal radio broadcasting stations; bonds

40:62-27: Separate fund for radio stations or convention halls in certain municipalities

40:62-28: Income placed in separate fund; control of fund

40:62-29: Use of income; reserves

40:62-30: Surplus used to meet bonds

40:62-31: Accounts and audits

40:62-32: Income defined

40:62-33: Expenditures defined; payment of debts in instalments

40:62-34: Income not part of municipal funds; management; inapplication of "local budget law"

40:62-34.1: "Municipal convention hall budget" and "municipal radio broadcasting station budget" in municipalities of 60,000 or over

40:62-34.2: Objections to and hearing on budgets

40:62-34.3: Time and place of hearing; notice

40:62-34.4: Adjournment of hearing; adoption of budget; alteration or amendment; notice

40:62-34.5: Time limit for adoption

40:62-34.6: Contents of budget

40:62-34.7: Appropriations to be itemized

40:62-34.8: Emergency appropriations

40:62-34.9: Improvement of convention hall by municipalities bordering on ocean; issuance of special emergency notes

40:62-34.10: Filing of ordinance and statement of financing plan with Division of Local Government

40:62-34.11: Special emergency notes as general obligation of municipality; tax levy

40:62-34.12: Sale of notes; interest rate

40:62-35: May carry goods and passengers; acquisition of lands, buildings and equipment

40:62-36: Referendum; petition; submission by governing body

40:62-37: Copy of ordinance served; ballot; form and content

40:62-38: Notice and conduct of election

40:62-39: Procedure after adoption

40:62-40: Second election

40:62-41: Officers and employees; duties, compensation and removal; rates and regulations

40:62-42: Contract for work and materials; requirements

40:62-43: Contracts for power

40:62-44: Extension of system; referendum; when necessary

40:62-45: Lease of system; term; referendum

40:62-46: Joint municipal transportation system; contracts

40:62-46.1: Cities of second class in counties of second class; public transportation service

40:62-46.2: Contracts for operation of public transportation service

40:62-46.3: Employees

40:62-46.4: Approval of contracts; filing; term

40:62-46.5: Contracts with other municipalities; ratification; approval

40:62-46.6: Effective date; duration of act

40:62-61.1: Extension of existing water system by municipality not owning system

40:62-83.1: Discontinuance of water or sewerage service where charges not paid

40:62-96: Water districts; establishment; works and pumping stations; contracts for supply

40:62-97: Notice to owners of lands affected; publication

40:62-98: Objections to ordinance; filing

40:62-99: Copy of ordinance filed with map

40:62-100: Bonds and other obligations

40:62-101: Water district assessments; exemption

40:62-102: Tax collection

40:62-103: Expenses of operation and maintenance; first year's expenses; notes issued

40:62-104: Supervision, operation and maintenance; collection of charges; contracts.

40:62-105: Necessary powers conferred

40:62-105.1: Water commissioners; election; to perform duties exercised by township committee

40:62-105.2: Commissioners to be body corporate; name; general powers

40:62-105.3: Determination of amount to be raised for ensuing year; election of water commissioners

40:62-105.4: Terms of members of board of water commissioners

40:62-105.5: Vacancies

40:62-105.6: Annual election in water districts

40:62-105.7: Nomination of candidates for members of board

40:62-105.8: Nominating petition; certificate of person indorsed

40:62-105.9: One candidate's name on petition; number of petitions

40:62-105.10: Verification of petition

40:62-105.11: Filing of petition

40:62-105.12: Defective nominating petitions

40:62-105.13: Ballots; arrangement of candidate's names

40:62-105.14: Ballots, specifications

40:62-105.15: Form of ballot

40:62-105.16: Paper on which ballots to be printed

40:62-105.17: Registry list of preceding general election; persons becoming of age after preceding general election

40:62-105.18: Advertisement of election

40:62-105.19: Polling places

40:62-105.20: Opening and closing of polls; books for names of voters

40:62-105.21: Proclamation of opening of election; judge and tellers

40:62-105.22: Counting of votes

40:62-105.23: Announcement of results of election

40:62-105.24: Appropriations voted on, form of question

40:62-105.25: Payment of taxes

40:62-105.26: Borrowing for current expenses and repairs

40:62-105.27: Rights and powers of water commissioners

40:62-105.28: Money for waterworks and appurtenances; vote; limitation

40:62-105.29: Meeting to determine amount to be raised; notice

40:62-105.30: Water accumulation, supply or distribution facilities; acquisition or construction

40:62-105.31: Resolution authorizing issuance of bonds; time and place of meeting; notices

40:62-105.32: Conduct of election

40:62-105.33: Bonds; form; issuance

40:62-105.34: Payment of principal, interest on bonds

40:62-105.35: Custodian of moneys; disbursements; bond of treasurer

40:62-105.36: Auditing of books of treasurer; publication of audit

40:62-105.37: Enlargement of water district

40:62-105.38: Lands included in district after enlargement

40:62-105.39: Effect of enlargement upon terms of officers and obligations of district

40:62-105.40: Dissolution of water district

40:62-105.41: Application for resolution dissolving district; notice; hearing

40:62-105.42: Refund of tax paid upon property in district abolished

40:62-105.43: Refund of taxes paid where no recital of laying off of water district appears upon records

40:62-105.44: Water district deemed abandoned when territory formed into two or more new municipalities

40:62-105.45: Allotment and division of property and money between new municipalities; "municipality" defined

40:62-106: Consolidation of water and sewer systems

40:62-107: Service shut off for nonpayment of rent

40:62-107.1: Sale of municipal water plant; deficit; amortization

40:62-107.2: Application to state auditor

40:62-107.3: Liberal construction

40:62-107.4: Purchase of water distribution system of adjoining municipality

40:62-107.5: Bond issue

40:62-107.6: Operation of system; rates, rents, etc.

40:62-107.7: Customers of municipal water district, electronic billing, payment permitted.

40:62-108: "Waterworks" defined

40:62-109: Commission to acquire water system; appointment; notice to other municipalities

40:62-110: Commission; composition; organization and compensation; treasurer's bond

40:62-110.1: Waterworks or water commission, membership, salaries

40:62-111: Vacancies

40:62-112: Joining after commission named

40:62-113: Negotiations; contract served on each municipality

40:62-113.1: Nonapplicability to Passaic Valley Water Commission

40:62-114: Condemnation; two or more plants; procedure if in different counties

40:62-115: Municipality may withdraw; expenses apportioned; no withdrawals after bonds issued

40:62-116: Joint ownership

40:62-117: Expenses prior and subsequent to acquisition of plant

40:62-118: Property acquired by owner pending proceedings; acquisition; contract

40:62-119: After acquired property; condemnation

40:62-120: Removal of encumbrances; ascertainment of value of debt

40:62-121: Acquisition subject to encumbrances; bond issues; apportionment of indebtedness

40:62-122: Commission as fiscal agent; duties

40:62-122.1: Issuance of notes in anticipation of water rents

40:62-123: Apportionment of water rents; collection of prior arrearages

40:62-124: Collection of prior arrearages; water shut off

40:62-125: Supply of water to old customers; rates

40:62-126: Enlargement and extension of works; contracts for operation

40:62-127: Water rates and regulations.

40:62-128: Sale of property and distributing system; sale of water to purchaser

40:62-129: Commission to operate works and manage supply; agreement for

40:62-130: Organization; commission for acquisition of works dissolved

40:62-131: Consent of state

40:62-132: Commission cannot incur debts for municipality; appropriations for expenses

40:62-133: Acquisition of additional property, water rights and waterworks; bonds; proceeds

40:62-133.1: Findings, declarations

40:62-133.2: Commission empowered to issue bonds

40:62-133.3: Issuance of bonds by the commission

40:62-133.4: Sale of bonds, price

40:62-133.5: Bond resolution, publication

40:62-133.6: Negotiability of bonds

40:62-133.7: Provisions permitted in bond resolution

40:62-133.8: Appointment of trustee in event of default

40:62-133.9: Appointment of receiver

40:62-133.10: Commission members, State, county or local units not liable on bonds

40:62-133.11: Commission property exempt from levy, sale

40:62-133.12: Investment of sinking funds, other moneys, funds

40:62-133.13: Waterworks public property, bonds exempt from taxation

40:62-133.14: State shall not alter commission's, bond holders' rights

40:62-133.15: Agreements between commission and bank or banking institution

40:62-133.16: Filing of copy of bond resolution

40:62-134: Sale of surplus water; laying of pipes; consent required

40:62-135: Contracts; engineers and assistants

40:62-136: Contracts in excess of $2,500; advertisement for bids; exceptions

40:62-137: Execution of contract

40:62-138: Control, regulation and protection of water supply system

40:62-139: Furnishing water for special purposes.

40:62-140: Right of entry for inspection; penalty for obstructing inspectors

40:62-141: Liability for water rent; payment in advance

40:62-142: Water shut off for nonpayment of charges

40:62-143: Rebate for prompt payment; amount

40:62-144: Increase of capacity of plant; additional pipe lines

40:62-145: Contracts for additional supply of water

40:62-146: Supplying water to other municipalities; consent required

40:62-147: Supplying water to dwellers along line; rates; consent required

40:62-148: General powers to carry out objective

40:62-148.1: Water commission customers, option for electronic billing, payment.

40:62-149: Powers of condemnation

40:62-150: Certain boards and commissions unaffected

40:62-150.1: Names of employees of water commissions established by two or more municipalities in second class counties between 300,000 and 325,000

40:62-150.2: Classification, without examination in classified service

40:62-151: Annual standby or ready-to-serve charge upon unoccupied lots.