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Chapter: 54D -

40:54D-1: Short title

40:54D-2: Findings, determinations relative to tourism improvement and development

40:54D-3: Definitions relative to tourism improvement and development.

40:54D-4: Tourism improvement and development districts

40:54D-5: Exemptions from taxation

40:54D-6: Collection, administration of tax, assessment; determination, certification of revenues

40:54D-7: Contents of ordinance

40:54D-8: Applicability of tax imposed

40:54D-9: Forwarding of tax, assessment collected, filing returns; vendor liability.

40:54D-10: "State Tax Uniform Procedure Law" applicable

40:54D-11: Rules, regulations

40:54D-12: Revenues deposited in funds

40:54D-13: Reserve fund created.

40:54D-14: Application of fund.

40:54D-14.1: Tourism assessment funds; use

40:54D-15: Imposition of tourism development fee

40:54D-16: Payment of fee

40:54D-17: Remitting, reporting of fees paid, appropriation to authority

40:54D-18: "The Tourism Improvement and Development Authority."

40:54D-19: Dissolution of authority.

40:54D-20: Appointment of members.

40:54D-21: Public purpose of authority.

40:54D-21.1: Entrance into a marketing partnership; qualified business, authority

40:54D-22: Applicability of "Local Public Contracts Law."

40:54D-23: Maintenance of projects.

40:54D-24: Eminent domain

40:54D-25: Issuance of bonds, notes.

40:54D-25.1: Transfer of assets, obligations, etc. to the sports authority.

40:54D-26: Application for proposed project financing

40:54D-27: Report filed with Local Finance Board.

40:54D-28: Pledges

40:54D-29: Pledge of State to bondholders.

40:54D-30: Immunity from personal liability on bonds.

40:54D-31: Authorization to collect rates, charges, fees for use of projects

40:54D-32: Additional powers

40:54D-33: Government entity may convey property

40:54D-34: Cooperation of county, municipality

40:54D-35: Property exempt from levy, sale.

40:54D-36: Exemption from taxes, special assessments

40:54D-37: Depositories

40:54D-38: Investment of bond, note funds

40:54D-39: Audit

40:54D-40: Construction of act

40:54D-41: Access by authority

40:54D-42: Contracts, etc. with municipal governments

40:54D-43: Supplemental powers

40:54D-44: Prior obligations unaffected