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Chapter: 84 - First election; when held.

40:84-2: First election; when held.

40:84-2.1: Adoption of other form of government by municipality with manager form of government

40:84-6.1: Order of names of candidates on ballot; draw of lots to determine

40:84-9: Councilmen may be elected for terms of three years in certain cases

40:84-10: Terms of councilmen first elected

40:84-11: Elections; when held; term of office.

40:84-12: Recall of councilmen; petition

40:84-13: Notice of recall served; order for recall election

40:84-14: Ballot; form and content

40:84-15: Removal of more than one councilman

40:84-16: Ballot for election of successor of recalled councilman

40:84-17: Notice of recall election

40:84-18: Vote required for recall

40:84-19: Councilmen to continue in office if recall lost