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Chapter: 49 - "Ordinance" and "resolution" defined

40:49-1: "Ordinance" and "resolution" defined

40:49-2: Procedure for passage; "governing body" defined

40:49-2.1: Land use ordinances; publication; transmittal to tax assessor

40:49-3: Ordinances in effect in 1917 unaffected

40:49-4: Revision and codification of ordinances

40:49-5: Penalties for violations of municipal ordinances.

40:49-5.1: Enactment of code by reference

40:49-5.2: Publication of rules and regulations unnecessary, when

40:49-5.3: Copy of code annexed to ordinance considered part of ordinance

40:49-6: Publication and notice

40:49-7: Objections to improvement; passage over protest

40:49-8: Review

40:49-9: When operative; objections to passage; referendum and notice thereof

40:49-10: Time of election; special election; ballot

40:49-11: Result of election; resolution; publication

40:49-12: Referendum unnecessary in certain cases

40:49-13: Alternative procedure

40:49-14: Reference to officer making assessments; map prepared

40:49-15: Estimate of damages and expenses

40:49-16: Hearing and notice; assessments proportionate to benefits

40:49-17: Assessors' report; filing

40:49-18: Filing of report; hearing; notice of hearing

40:49-19: Publication; notice mailed to owners

40:49-20: Hearing to persons interested

40:49-21: Awards for damages readjusted; ordinance amended

40:49-22: Corrections to report; entry on minutes; certification

40:49-23: Republication of ordinance

40:49-24: Objections to street improvement; passage over objections

40:49-25: Review

40:49-26: Procedure after passage of ordinance

40:49-27: Debt-authorization referendum procedure

40:49-27a: Signatures

40:49-27b: Certification of petition

40:49-27c: Notice of election.