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Chapter: 56 - Local improvements; definition and enumeration; doing work as general improvement

40:56-1: Local improvements; definition and enumeration; doing work as general improvement

40:56-1.1: Parking facilities

40:56-1.2: Parking facilities as distinct work or in connection with parking authority

40:56-1.3: Laws applicable

40:56-1.4: Clean energy special assessment, financing by municipality.

40:56-2: Connecting streets with streets in adjoining municipality; considered a local improvement

40:56-3: Improvement at request and expense of petitioners; improvement by owners; cash deposit

40:56-4: Rejection of ordinance; new ordinance

40:56-5: Single ordinance for several improvements; advertisement

40:56-6: Further proceedings by resolution

40:56-7: Acquisition of lands; condemnation; engineers, officers and employees

40:56-8: Acquisition of private works and property; condemnation; assessment for benefits

40:56-9: Condemnation; ordinance and map; abandonment of improvement; payment into Superior Court

40:56-10: Copy of award filed; title vested; right of entry

40:56-11: Work done by municipality or by contract

40:56-12: Part of cost paid by municipality; ordinance

40:56-13: Appropriations for local improvements; amount; bonds and notes; fund

40:56-13.1: Clean energy special assessment, financing through bonds.

40:56-13.2: Amounts of money to be expended for improvements established.

40:56-14: General appropriations; contents of ordinance or resolution

40:56-15: Completion of improvements already begun

40:56-16: Choice of paving materials; advertisement for bids; hearing

40:56-17: Joint municipal improvements; agreement; contracts with county

40:56-18: Notice of intention to make contract

40:56-19: Apportionment of cost; assessments for benefits; procedure

40:56-20: Abandonment of improvement; reimbursement of costs to participants

40:56-20.1: Limitation on proceedings to review or restrain ordinance

40:56-21: Assessments; by whom made; board of assessments

40:56-22: Assessment commissioners; when necessary; appointment

40:56-23: Assessment officer or members of board or commission; oath; vacancies; compensation

40:56-24: Costs certified to assessors; contents of statement; contributions; total assessment

40:56-25: Assessors to view improvement; notice of hearing

40:56-26: Hearing; quorum; amount of assessments determined

40:56-27: Assessments proportionate to benefits; not to exceed benefits

40:56-28: Incidental damages; amount determined and deducted; damages exceeding benefits; appeal

40:56-29: Incidental damages; award tendered; payment into court in certain cases

40:56-30: Report of assessors; hearing; final report; confirmation; appeal

40:56-31: Duty of collector; books and records

40:56-32: Interest on unpaid assessments

40:56-33: Assessment as continuous lien; informalities not to invalidate proceedings.

40:56-34: Assessment set aside; new assessment a lien; refund

40:56-35: Assessments, payment in installments; delinquent installments

40:56-36: Separate account for assessments; sinking fund

40:56-37: Municipality to pay excess over assessments; taxation to meet excess; report to auditor

40:56-38: Assessments for benefits not affected by annexation or consolidation

40:56-39: Mortgaged lands officially held treated as other property

40:56-40: Limitation on proceedings to restrain or review assessment or award

40:56-41: Former actions not impaired

40:56-41.1: Farmland or other open space defined

40:56-41.2: Deferral of payment of assessment against farmland or other open space; exception; duration of deferral; interest

40:56-41.3: Lien; filing of record

40:56-41.4: Nonenlargement of time of appeal due to deferral

40:56-41.5: Burden of cost of local improvement subject to deferral by municipality

40:56-42: Power of assessment

40:56-43: Proceedings deemed a local improvement; procedure in certain cases

40:56-44: Benefits exceeding award and vice versa; excess a lien.

40:56-45: Payment of award; payment into court in certain cases

40:56-46: Title to vest in municipality upon payment; copy of award recorded; map filed

40:56-47: Appeal from award; procedure

40:56-48: Contracts with county for road improvements; assessments for benefits

40:56-49: Improvement of streets part of highway

40:56-50: Contract with state and county for road improvement

40:56-51: Payment of cost; assessments for benefits

40:56-52: Power to assess

40:56-53: House connections; cost assessed

40:56-54: Appeals from assessments and awards of incidental damages; procedure.

40:56-55: Correction without appeal.

40:56-56: Appeal from award in condemnation proceedings; notice.

40:56-57: Condemnation appeal; procedure; further appeal

40:56-58: Condemnation; ordinance and map; abandonment of improvement; payment of award into court

40:56-59: Copy of award recorded; title vested; right of entry

40:56-60: Award; collection

40:56-61: Incidental damages ascertained and certified; payment into court

40:56-62: Assessments and awards certified to Superior Court; confirmation of report.

40:56-63: Collection of assessments

40:56-64: Assessments a lien.

40:56-65: Legislative findings; public policy

40:56-66: Definitions

40:56-67: Pedestrian mall or special improvement district as local improvement

40:56-68: Findings necessary for adoption of ordinance

40:56-69: Ordinance; provisions; limitations

40:56-70: Resolution of governing body of municipality; feasibility study

40:56-71: Adoption of ordinances

40:56-71.1: Definitions relative to downtown business improvement zones.

40:56-71.2: "Downtown business improvement zone" designation.

40:56-71.3: Loan fund created.

40:56-71.4: Loan purposes, application, requirements, review.

40:56-71.5: Assessments to repay loan.

40:56-71.6: Rules, regulations.

40:56-71.7: Study of effects.

40:56-72: Financing and assessment to properties especially benefited; list

40:56-73: Operation and maintenance; assessment or taxation of costs to benefited properties; name as improvement district

40:56-74: Specifications for construction

40:56-75: Police powers and other rights and powers of municipality over pedestrian mall or special improvement district

40:56-76: Condemnation; procedures incident to development and maintenance

40:56-77: Uses of mall or special improvement district; control and regulation

40:56-78: Limitation on liability for injury to person or property due to movable structures, appurtenances, etc.

40:56-79: Advisory board; members; duties; district management corporation

40:56-80: Annual report; costs of operation and maintenance and annual improvements; hearing on and approval of estimates; assessments; disposition of funds

40:56-81: Additional powers

40:56-82: Severability

40:56-83: District management corporation; powers.

40:56-84: Annual budget; public hearing; amendment; adoption by municipal governing body

40:56-85: Annual licenses for business within special improvement district; fees; special account

40:56-86: Delegation of work by municipality; approval of work

40:56-87: Inclusion of pedestrian mall or special improvement district in other improvement or rehabilitation district

40:56-88: District management corporation; annual audit

40:56-89: Annual report to municipal governing body