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Chapter: 48 - Ordinances; general purpose.

40:48-1: Ordinances; general purpose.

40:48-1.1: Removal or demolition of hazardous buildings; recovery of costs

40:48-1.2: Enactment of ordinance prohibiting possession, consumption of alcoholic beverages by underaged person on private property, permitted.

40:48-1.2a: Immunity from prosecution; certain circumstances.

40:48-1.3: Holding DUI arrestees in protective custody, certain circumstances.

40:48-1.4: Criminal history record check requested by municipality, authority for.

40:48-1.5: Regulation of apiary activities.

40:48-1.6: Findings, declarations relative to private outdoor video surveillance cameras.

40:48-1.7: Private outdoor video surveillance camera registry.

40:48-2: Other necessary and proper ordinances

40:48-2.1: Opening and closing of beauty parlors; penalties

40:48-2.2: Beauty culture, what included in term

40:48-2.3: Unfit buildings in municipalities; exercise of police power authorized

40:48-2.3a: Repair, demolition of damaged buildings

40:48-2.4: Terms defined

40:48-2.5: Repair, closing or demolition; ordinance; authorization for order of public officer; summary proceedings to demolish unsafe building

40:48-2.5a: Building deemed unfit for human habitation, occupancy, use; repairing, demolition

40:48-2.5b: Designation of "Emergency Demolition Fund", acceptance of funds therefor

40:48-2.6: Standards

40:48-2.7: Service of complaints and orders

40:48-2.8: Remedies

40:48-2.9: Additional powers of public officer

40:48-2.10: Administration of ordinance

40:48-2.11: Supplemental nature of act

40:48-2.12: Severability

40:48-2.12a: Authority of municipality to regulate buildings and structures and their use and occupancy

40:48-2.12a1: Inspection of buildings; ordinance; inapplicability of exemption in Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law

40:48-2.12b: Additional authority

40:48-2.12c: Registration of owners of buildings and structures occupied by two or more families

40:48-2.12d: Service of notices

40:48-2.12e: Collection of fines and penalties

40:48-2.12f: Abatement of nuisance, correction of defect, etc., by municipality; lien against premises

40:48-2.12g: Appointment of custodian by municipality; powers and duties; compensation

40:48-2.12m: Residential rental property; certificate of inspection or occupancy prior to new occupancy; authorization for ordinance

40:48-2.12n: Findings, determinations, declarations.

40:48-2.12o: Definitions.

40:48-2.12p: Ordinance holding landlords to standards of responsibility.

40:48-2.12q: Provisions of ordinance on rentals.

40:48-2.12r: Complaints, proceedings against landlord, recovery from tenant.

40:48-2.12s: Ordinances to regulate care, maintenance, security, and upkeep of certain residential properties.

40:48-2.12t: Senior Citizen Priority Parking Program created by municipality.

40:48-2.13: Removal, destruction of brush, weeds, debris, etc.; ordinance authorized

40:48-2.13a: Municipal ordinance requiring solid waste removal

40:48-2.14: Cost for removal; lien

40:48-2.16: Monument, memorial to commemorate service of armed forces.

40:48-2.17: Expenditures; duly sworn claim required

40:48-2.26: Brush and hedges near roadways and intersections, cutting of

40:48-2.27: Cost of cutting brush and hedges; charging against lands; lien

40:48-2.28: Fire prevention ordinances authorized

40:48-2.29: Designation of enforcement officials; right of entry for inspection purposes; educational program relating to space heaters

40:48-2.30: Ordinance to provide what constitutes a nuisance.

40:48-2.31: Discovery of nuisances; written notice to remove or abate

40:48-2.32: Inspection contracts with volunteer fire companies; agents of municipality

40:48-2.33: Refusal to permit inspection; continuance of nuisances; penalties

40:48-2.39: Licensed premises for retail sale of alcoholic beverages; purchase or condemnation; retirement of license

40:48-2.40: Alcoholic beverage retail consumption licenses; reduction of number

40:48-2.41: Maximum amount payable for transfer to municipality; limitation on reduction; reissuance

40:48-2.42: Increase in annual license fees; disposition of proceeds

40:48-2.43: Indebtedness to finance retirement of licenses

40:48-2.45: Effect of act upon section 40:48-2.39

40:48-2.46: Traffic and parking of vehicles in public parking yards and parking places; regulation

40:48-2.47: Snow and ice removal from private street open to public; penalties; taxation of costs of removal by municipality; lien

40:48-2.48: Real property of camp meeting association; sanitary sewerage facilities; assessment

40:48-2.49: Regulation of operators engaged in removal of motor vehicles.

40:48-2.50: Fee limits

40:48-2.51: Penalty for violation of fee limits

40:48-2.52: Definitions relative to adoption of curfew ordinances for juveniles.

40:48-2.53: Address registration by certain property owners required; "real property" defined

40:48-2.54: Model schedule of towing, storage services adopted by municipality, county.

40:48-2.56: Recreation trust fund, creation, use

40:48-2.57: Municipal remediation ordinances, inapplicability to sites under DEP oversight.

40:48-2.58: Municipality prohibited from limiting, prohibiting display of U.S. flag, yellow ribbons, signs in support of troops

40:48-2.59: Municipal powers to abate graffiti.

40:48-2.60: Definitions relative to charitable clothing bins.

40:48-2.61: Requirements for placement, use of clothing bin for solicitation purposes.

40:48-2.62: Receipt, investigation of complaints relative to donation clothing bin.

40:48-2.63: Additional penalties, remedies.

40:48-2.64: Effective date; applicability.

40:48-2.65: Definitions; impoundment of shopping carts by municipalities.

40:48-2.66: Permission required for posting, display of certain advertisements.

40:48-2.67: List of municipal residents in need of special assistance.

40:48-3: Power to do work where owner refuses; procedure

40:48-4: Plants or facilities for public use or benefit

40:48-4.1: Legislative findings

40:48-4.2: Definitions

40:48-4.3: Municipalities between 200,000 and 300,000; contracts with motor bus carriers; reduced fares for senior citizens

40:48-4.4: Contracts; conditions, terms and provisions

40:48-4.5: Payments to motor bus carrier

40:48-4.6: Rules and regulations; investigations; access to property, books, records, or documents

40:48-4.7: Appropriations by municipality; application for and receipt of grants from other sources

40:48-4.8: Exemption from regulation and jurisdiction of board of public utility commissioners

40:48-4.9: Municipalities between 103,000 and 125,000; grants for ambulance or emergency rescue services

40:48-4.10: Findings, declarations.

40:48-4.11: Senior, handicapped citizens defined

40:48-4.12: Municipalities to provide service

40:48-4.13: Not used for hire

40:48-5: Private contracts generally

40:48-5a: Contract for collection services between municipality, private entity.

40:48-5.1: Contracts with humane societies where no pound established; advertisement unnecessary

40:48-5.2: Contracts for separation of grades at railroad crossings

40:48-5.3: Exhibitions of products and industries; poultry or agricultural exhibitions

40:48-5.4: Celebration of public event, anniversary or holiday

40:48-5.9: Legislative findings

40:48-5.10: Amendment of permission granted by municipality to comply with federal regulations

40:48-5.11: Right of municipality to grant permission for interconnection of systems in operation prior to June 17, 1971

40:48-6: Records kept and business conducted in municipal building; vaults

40:48-7: Power of taxation; generally

40:48-7.1: Tax credit for properties with service charges payable to other municipality

40:48-8.15: Retail sales tax in fourth class cities

40:48-8.16: Tax act definitions

40:48-8.16a: Definitions

40:48-8.17: Maximum tax rates

40:48-8.18: Exemptions from sales tax

40:48-8.19: Collection of sales tax; penalties

40:48-8.20: Ordinance; provisions required

40:48-8.21: Disposition of sales taxes

40:48-8.21a: Convention hall facility; operating deficiency; payment from tax revenues; limitations; conditions

40:48-8.22: Territorial limits of sales tax

40:48-8.23: Sales originating or consummated outside city

40:48-8.24: Nonresidents

40:48-8.25: Referendum

40:48-8.25a: Ordinance to adopt provisions of this amendatory and supplementary act; referendum not necessary

40:48-8.25b: Ordinance and referendum adopting provisions of act; approval by voters

40:48-8.26: Ballots for referendum election

40:48-8.27: Duration of sales tax ordinance

40:48-8.28: Cost of referendum election

40:48-8.29: Ordinance operative without referendum; validity of ordinance to protect bondholders

40:48-8.29a: Ordinances; adoption of supplementary act; operative without voter approval; covenant not to reduce or repeal tax

40:48-8.30: Fund for repository of moneys paid to state treasurer

40:48-8.30a: Use of revenues

40:48-8.31: Deposit of revenues; dedication and pledge

40:48-8.32: Deposit of revenues in fund; disposition

40:48-8.33: Issuance of notes or bonds for authorized facility in eligible municipality or revolving fund by county improvement authority; review and approval by

40:48-8.33a: Bonds, notes, or lease for convention hall facility; report after issuance; notice to director of division of local government services; certification

40:48-8.34: Resolution of county improvement authority; certification by endorsement by director of division of local government services

40:48-8.35: Approval and resolution; submission to state treasurer

40:48-8.36: Application for change in maturity schedule of bonds

40:48-8.37: Recitals in bonds and notes; limitation on maturity

40:48-8.38: Issuance of notes in anticipation of issuance of permanent bonds

40:48-8.39: Certification of amounts for annual debt service and reserve fund and paying agent; conclusiveness; payment of deficiency

40:48-8.40: Payments from fund to paying agents; limitations on use

40:48-8.42: Bank or trust company as paying agent

40:48-8.43: Pledge or dedication of revenues, moneys or funds held by state treasurer; validity; lien

40:48-8.44: Eligible municipality defined

40:48-8.45: Definitions

40:48-8.46: Promotional fees

40:48-8.47: Proceeds from promotional fees

40:48-8.48: Fees adopted by resolution

40:48-8.49: Fees; collection, administration

40:48-9: Appropriations to civil war organizations; purposes

40:48-9.1: Appropriations for expenses of war price and rationing boards; validation of appropriations made

40:48-9.4: Contributions to nonprofit corporation operating senior citizens center

40:48-9.4a: Annual appropriation to nonprofit organizations for treatment and rehabilitation of certain persons.

40:48-9.4b: Account of expenditure of funds

40:48-9.10: Snow and ice removal; first aid and emergency or volunteer ambulance or rescue squad association or volunteer fire companies premises

40:48-9.11: Cost of snow and ice removal; option of municipality

40:48-9.12: Historic place or site; expenditure of federal aid to preserve or rehabilitate

40:48-9.13: Municipality with nuclear-powered electric generating facility; appropriation and grant to county or other municipality

40:48-9.14: Appropriations by municipality authorized

40:48-9.15: Findings, declarations relative to disaster relief funding programs; authorization of grant programs.

40:48-17.1: Surplus revenues or anticipated receipts; use for school purposes; budget

40:48-17.2: Repeal

40:48-17.3: Surplus revenues or anticipated receipts; use for school purposes; budget

40:48-17.5: Financing project; bonds; use of proceeds to repay federal advances

40:48-17.6: Definitions

40:48-17.7: Establishment of special reserve accounts for school building construction; transfer of funds

40:48-17.8: Transfer of funds to school district

40:48-18: Joint municipal and county work; referendum when a public utility

40:48-19: Joint contract for work; amendments

40:48-20: Joint acquisition of lands, buildings and equipment; officers and employees

40:48-21: Financing joint project

40:48-22: Organization of municipalities for mutual welfare; officers

40:48-23: Representation in joint organization; contribution to support; representative's expenses

40:48-24: Special meetings of governing body

40:48-25: Municipal investigation committees; power to issue subpoenas; service of

40:48-26: Refusal of witness to testify; punishment by Superior Court

40:48-28: Oaths administered; perjury

40:48-29: Fees and mileage