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Chapter: 45 - When held; law applicable

40:45-1: When held; law applicable

40:45-2: Section 40:45-1 inapplicable in certain cases

40:45-3: Time for holding; publication and notice; procedure

40:45-4: Time for holding district elections; school districts unaffected

40:45-5: Short title

40:45-6: Application of act.

40:45-7: Regular municipal elections; date; place; conduct; change; election officers.

40:45-7.1: Municipal elections, certain, change of date permitted.

40:45-7.2: Arranging ballots for general election.

40:45-8: Petitions of nomination.

40:45-9: Individual certificates of nomination.

40:45-10: Designation of candidate on ballot

40:45-10.1: Designation of committee on vacancies

40:45-11: Nomination for one office only

40:45-12: Order of names of candidates on ballot; drawing lots

40:45-13: Publication of names of candidates

40:45-14: Persons with same name; statement of identification on ballot

40:45-15: Ballots; printing and authentication; contents; delivery.

40:45-16: Count of ballots; statement of returns; canvass

40:45-17: Number of votes for election; commencement of term of office.

40:45-18: Municipalities with run-off elections; election of councilmen-at-large or commissioners or village trustees with less than majority of votes

40:45-19: Run-off elections; votes necessary for election.

40:45-20: Continuation of provisions for run-off elections

40:45-21: Run-off elections; adoption or abandonment of provisions; submission by ordinance or petition to voters; vote necessary