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Chapter: 63 - Sale or lease of municipal facilities to privately-owned utility; conditions

40:63-31.1: Sale or lease of municipal facilities to privately-owned utility; conditions

40:63-31.2: Construction of incidental facilities for sale or lease to privately-owned utility; assessment of cost

40:63-31.3: Refund or credit to property owners

40:63-40: Purchase of lateral sewers by municipality; contracts validated; bonds

40:63-68: Contracts with other municipalities generally

40:63-69: Definitions; "joint meeting" ; "improvement or works"

40:63-70: Construction of improvements or works; sewers connecting therewith

40:63-71: Surveys and maps; municipalities may enter on land to inspect

40:63-72: Surveys and maps filed with municipal clerks; costs estimated

40:63-73: Surveys and maps; consideration of by each municipality

40:63-74: Rejection by municipality; notice to interested municipalities

40:63-75: Approval by municipality; resolution; notice to interested municipalities

40:63-76: Notice of intention to make

40:63-77: Contents of notice; objections to ordinance filed; procedure

40:63-78: When failure of notice not to invalidate proceedings

40:63-79: Joint contract; ordinances authorizing

40:63-80: Contents of ordinance; capacity, use, cost and expense apportioned

40:63-81: Joint contract; execution; recording

40:63-82: Proceedings after joint contract to be by resolution

40:63-83: Joint contract; modification; supplemental contract for future management

40:63-84: Separate municipal action relative to joint system; local connecting sewers

40:63-85: Joint meeting; organization; officers; vacancies; duration of power

40:63-86: Officers; oaths and bonds

40:63-87: Voting by municipalities, quorum; specific concurrence required

40:63-88: Exclusive powers except in money matters; actions by joint committee; benefits to accrue to all

40:63-89: Joint meeting; rooms and buildings

40:63-90: Reorganization when work completed; maintenance and operation

40:63-91: Acquisition of land; purchase

40:63-92: Condemnation of lands; procedure

40:63-93: Condemnation; right of entry upon appointment of commissioners

40:63-94: Contracts for improvements or works

40:63-95: Joint meeting

40:63-96: Repair, rebuilding and operation; cost; provisions in contract for

40:63-97: Increase in capacity before or during construction

40:63-98: Sewers; disposal plants enlarged; approval of department of health; contract for; cost

40:63-99: Construction in other municipalities; sewers to tidewater

40:63-100: Discharge in tidewater; consent of department of health

40:63-101: Use of streets in other municipalities

40:63-102: Agreement as to terms; procedure where parties cannot agree

40:63-103: Change of grade of streets in other municipalities; regulation of work; restoration of pavements

40:63-104: Location of disposal plants in other municipalities; application

40:63-105: Rejection of application; appeal

40:63-106: Remedy of dissenting citizens if application granted

40:63-106.1: Contracts with Passaic valley sewerage commissioners for sewage disposal

40:63-107: Use of improvements or works by other municipalities; contracts; terms

40:63-108: Contracts authorized

40:63-109: Supplemental contract to secure additional accommodations

40:63-110: Payment for use of joint systems; bonds

40:63-111: Participating municipalities may be admitted to membership in joint meeting

40:63-112: Joint meeting to designate portion of system each may use

40:63-113: Disposal of sewage for others; contracts

40:63-114: Financial records; monthly statements to participating municipalities

40:63-115: Cost and expenses of improvements or works apportioned

40:63-116: Annual expenses; estimated and apportioned; additional payments if necessary

40:63-117: Assessment for benefits; commissioners; appointment and powers; vacancies

40:63-118: Assessment for benefits; limitation on extent

40:63-119: Commissioners; oath and duties; assessment proportionate to benefits; excess apportioned between municipalities

40:63-120: Assessments for connecting sewers; abutting property

40:63-121: Assessments on property not directly affected

40:63-122: Report of commissioners; hearing; report final when confirmed by court

40:63-123: Compensation of commissioners; costs of proceedings

40:63-124: Maps and proceedings valid despite misrecitals or other mistakes

40:63-125: Assessment for benefits; in each municipality; provision for in joint contract; procedure

40:63-126: Assessments to be a lien; collection

40:63-127: Assessments for benefits need not be made; municipality to pay whole amount

40:63-128: Bonds where no assessment for benefits

40:63-129: Injuries to adjacent land owners from joint sewage disposal plant; action for damages

40:63-130: Temporary obligations to finance work; renewal

40:63-131: Renewal of temporary obligations; assessments paid in; disposition; bonds for amount unpaid

40:63-132: Bonds and temporary obligations; general provisions; amount limited

40:63-133: Excess of cost over assessments for benefits; bonds; proceeds

40:63-134: Bonds for construction and maintenance

40:63-135: Bonds; general provisions

40:63-136: Bonds and other obligations; payment of principal and interest

40:63-137: Provisions for payment in lieu of bond issue

40:63-138: Actions brought by joint meeting; benefits to accrue to all municipalities