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Chapter: 80 - Special election; petition

40:80-1: Special election; petition

40:80-2: Clerk to call election; notice

40:80-3: Ballot; number, form and content

40:80-4: Place of holding election

40:80-5: Election agents; designated by petition

40:80-6: Time polls to be open; election officers; report

40:80-7: Clerk to certify result

40:80-8: Vote required for adoption

40:80-9: If majority against adoption no petition for two years

40:80-10: Corporate existence and name continued

40:80-11: Elective and appointive officers' terms cease; exceptions

40:80-12: Inconsistent laws inapplicable; law relating to municipal courts unaffected

40:80-13: Educational system unaffected

40:80-14: Sinking fund commissions unaffected

40:80-15: No proceedings to adopt other government within four years