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Chapter: 23 - Books and stationery for county officers

40:23-1: Books and stationery for county officers

40:23-2: Printing for county superintendent of schools

40:23-3: Exhibition of county products

40:23-4: Acceptance of contributions for county improvements; agreements for

40:23-5: Advertise advantages of county

40:23-5.1: Office or department to study economic resources and encourage economic development of county; establishment

40:23-5.2: Assignment of activities and functions

40:23-5.3: Appropriation

40:23-5.4: Appointment of advisory committee

40:23-5.5: Conduct of activities requiring real estate broker's license prohibited

40:23-5.6: Liberal construction

40:23-6: Membership in New Jersey Association of Counties and County Officers Association of New Jersey

40:23-6.1: Summer camps for children in populous counties

40:23-6.2: Camp for undernourished and underprivileged children; commission or board

40:23-6.3: County camp commission and managers of camp

40:23-6.4: Members of commission; terms; vacancy

40:23-6.5: No compensation to members; expenses

40:23-6.6: Officers

40:23-6.7: Powers and duties of board of managers

40:23-6.8: Equipment and maintenance of camp

40:23-6.9: Meetings of commission; budget

40:23-6.10: Appropriations

40:23-6.11: Bills and accounts including salaries and wages

40:23-6.12: Employees and assistant employees

40:23-6.13: Employees subject to rules and regulations

40:23-6.14: Tenure of employees

40:23-6.15: Salaries of employees

40:23-6.16: Secretary to commission

40:23-6.17: Care and treatment of veterans in county hospitals

40:23-6.18: Necessary funds; appropriation

40:23-6.19: Use of funds not otherwise dedicated; borrowing money

40:23-6.20: Counties over 400,000 other than counties of first class; no fee for building permit for county buildings

40:23-6.22: Museum facilities and services; maintenance and support

40:23-6.23: Distribution of federal surplus food commodities; contracts for sharing cost

40:23-6.24: Appropriating or raising funds for surplus food distribution

40:23-6.25: Payment of costs of surplus food distribution by board of freeholders

40:23-6.26: Contracts with municipalities for services or facilities by counties over 500,000 population

40:23-6.27: Term of contract; advertisement for bids

40:23-6.28: Contract; required provisions

40:23-6.29: Appropriation of funds; purchase or lease of machinery and equipment; acquisition of lands

40:23-6.30: Establishment and maintenance of program for rehabilitation of youthful offenders in counties of first class over 800,000 population

40:23-6.31: Appropriation of funds

40:23-6.32: Construction of additional entrances and exits to highway projects

40:23-6.33: Appropriation of funds to pay for additional entrances and exits to highway projects

40:23-6.38: Legislative intent

40:23-6.39: Establishment of county office on aging by resolution

40:23-6.40: Powers and duties

40:23-6.41: Executive director; appointment; qualifications

40:23-6.42: Receipt and expenditure of moneys

40:23-6.43: Appropriations and payments of State aid.

40:23-6.44: Rules and regulations by director of division on aging

40:23-6.45: Lands of county or county park commission; use as training grounds for firemen or police

40:23-6.46: Operation and improvement of properties for training purposes; appropriation and expenditure of funds

40:23-6.47: Office of consumer affairs; establishment by county or municipality; employees

40:23-6.48: Powers

40:23-6.49: Office of consumer affairs in county or municipality established prior to and in conformity with this act; validation of acts and proceedings

40:23-6.50: Surplus and surface waters on railroad property; construction of works to control by county

40:23-6.52: Acceptable forms of payment for road opening permits.

40:23-6.53: Contracts for collection of delinquent fees, fines.

40:23-7: Power to raise money by taxation

40:23-8: Appropriations to Civil War organizations; purposes

40:23-8.1: Appropriations for observance of Memorial Day

40:23-8.2a: Junior college; appropriations in counties over 300,000

40:23-8.3: Protecting roads against erosion by tidewater

40:23-8.4: Blood and its derivatives; contributions for collection and distribution authorized

40:23-8.5: Appropriations for blood collection purposes; borrowing money

40:23-8.6: Appropriations annually for expenses

40:23-8.7: Appropriations during year when blood collection act is adopted--borrowing money

40:23-8.8: Appropriations annually for children's homes, etc.

40:23-8.9: Volunteer fire companies; appropriation to aid; uniforms

40:23-8.11: Appropriations for services for certain persons.

40:23-8.13: County firemen's association; contribution

40:23-8.14: Nonprofit child care centers or committees or councils coordinating child care; annual appropriation of funds by counties or municipalities

40:23-8.15: Contract as basis for appropriation

40:23-8.16: County facilities leased by nonprofit or charitable association; reimbursement of costs of renovation

40:23-8.17: Private nonprofit camps for emotionally maladjusted or physically undernourished children; authorization for appropriations

40:23-8.18: Community action programs defined

40:23-8.19: Appropriation and distribution by county or municipality to agency or organization maintaining community action programs

40:23-8.20: Continuance after expiration of authorizing legislation

40:23-8.21: Cooley's anemia; promotion of public awareness, referral service for testing and expenses incidental to diagnosis and treatment; appropriations

40:23-8.22: National burn victim foundation; contributions by counties or municipalities

40:23-8.23: Legislative findings

40:23-8.24: Burn prevention and treatment, private, nonprofit organizations; contributions

40:23-8.25: Center for performing and visual arts; appropriation of funds

40:23-8.26: Tay-Sachs disease; county aid

40:23-8.27: Legislative findings

40:23-8.28: County aid to health, welfare councils

40:23-8.29: Appropriations by county authorized

40:23-9: Depositories for moneys

40:23-11: Judiciary fund for salaries of court and probate clerks

40:23-12.1: Definitions

40:23-12.2: Farm loan program

40:23-12.3: Bonds authorized

40:23-13: Official newspapers

40:23-14: Public works jointly constructed and maintained; county and municipal co-operation

40:23-15: Ballot; form and content

40:23-16: Contents of joint contract; amendments

40:23-17: Acquisition of property; officers and employees

40:23-18: Costs and expenses; appropriations; bond issues

40:23-19: Use of municipal sewer by county

40:23-20: Resolution by board of freeholders; exceptions

40:23-21: Contents of resolution; fees fixed

40:23-22: Inspectors; appointment, compensation and qualifications

40:23-23: Inspection; certificate by inspector

40:23-24: Companies to supply current upon certificate; enforcement

40:23-25: Article inapplicable in certain cases

40:23-26: Sale of personal property and surplus output of county institutions

40:23-27: Advertisement for bids where value exceeds $1,000

40:23-27.3: Sale of unneeded building to municipality for municipal purposes

40:23-28: Freeholders to furnish crushed stone to municipalities

40:23-29: Maximum amount to be furnished by county

40:23-30: Stone furnished on request

40:23-31: Reapportionment of unclaimed stone

40:23-32: Purposes for which stone may be used

40:23-33: Selling or otherwise disposing of stone a misdemeanor; exception

40:23-47: Findings, declarations

40:23-48: Definitions

40:23-49: 9-1-1 locatable mailing address system

40:23-50: Guidelines for implementation of act

40:23-51: Completion of review required

40:23-52: Use of municipal names

40:23-53: Report

40:23-54: Criminal history record check requested by county, authority for.

40:23-55: Definitions; impoundment of shopping carts by county.