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Chapter: 33 - County library; establishment

40:33-1: County library; establishment

40:33-2: Referendum

40:33-3: Petition for submission

40:33-4: Ballot; form and content

40:33-5: Results canvassed and returned; vote required for adoption

40:33-5.1: Establishment by resolution in counties under 150,000

40:33-6: Establishment, maintenance of libraries.

40:33-7: County library commission

40:33-8: County library commission.

40:33-8.1: Purchases not requiring advertisements for bids

40:33-8.2: Free county library administrators, duties

40:33-9: Appropriations for establishment and maintenance; amount

40:33-10: Borrowing money in anticipation of library taxes; tax notes

40:33-11: Tax revenue notes or bonds for delinquent taxes

40:33-12: County treasurer custodian of library funds; payment of bills

40:33-13: Participation by municipalities

40:33-13a: Withdrawal from county system

40:33-13b: Withdrawal from county library system

40:33-13.1: Contracts with other municipalities for additional library service

40:33-13.2: Use of money received under contract

40:33-13.2a: Authority to acquire real property or other interest; maintaining facilities; bonds; ad valorem taxes

40:33-13.2b: Agreements with respect to provision, leasing, use, operation or maintenance; payments on account

40:33-13.2c: Employee of county library system formerly employee of municipal free public library; classified service

40:33-13.2d: Short title

40:33-13.2e: County library study commission; establishment; petition; members; chairman; reimbursement of expenses

40:33-13.2f: County library commission; duties

40:33-13.2g: Offices; expenses; payment; employees, consultants and clerical staff; report of findings and recommendations; referendum question on reorganization o

40:33-13.2h: Question of reorganization; form on ballot; publication of report; vote necessary

40:33-13.2i: "Branch Development Option."

40:33-13.2j: "Service Contract Option."

40:33-13.2k: "Tax Base Sharing Option."

40:33-13.2l: . County with tax base sharing option; exclusion of appropriations as county tax levy under Cap Law

40:33-13.2m: Evaluation of county library system after rejection by voters or after reorganization; time interval after election

40:33-13.2n: Rules, regulations.

40:33-13.3: Establishment by joint agreement

40:33-13.4: Provisions of agreement

40:33-13.5: Amendment of regional library agreement; filing copy.

40:33-13.6: Resolution; public inspection; publication

40:33-13.7: Board of trustees; membership; appointment; vacancies; compensation

40:33-13.8: Organization of board; officers; term of office

40:33-13.9: Boards as body public and corporate; powers

40:33-13.9a: Regional library administrators, duties

40:33-13.10: Annual reports

40:33-13.11: Proposal of sum required for operation and expenses; objections; determination

40:33-13.12: Assessment and levy of taxes

40:33-13.13: Duties of treasurer; annual audit

40:33-13.14: Agreements with municipalities not served by regional library.

40:33-13.15: Disposition of revenues

40:33-13.16: County library commission; termination; assets and obligations

40:33-13.17: Regional library as "public agency or organization" within Public Employees' Retirement Act

40:33-13.18: Withdrawal of participating county

40:33-14: Law library; maintenance; purchase of books; annual expenditures limited

40:33-15: Morris County; reorganization of free county library; resolution

40:33-16: Definitions

40:33-17: County library commission; members

40:33-18: Proposal of operational amount for ensuing calendar year

40:33-19: Funding county library services

40:33-20: Municipalities; continuation of receipt of services from free county library; exceptions

40:33-21: Report on effectiveness of second level services

40:33-22: Application of provisions on free county libraries

40:33-23: Consideration of increase in county tax levy to fund second level services for purposes of calculating permissible expenditures