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Chapter: 20 - Board of chosen freeholders

40:20-1: Board of chosen freeholders

40:20-1.1: Quarterly fiscal reports

40:20-1.2: Grant of powers

40:20-1.3: Administrative code

40:20-1.4: Additional powers

40:20-2: Membership; number and term; first election

40:20-3: Organization

40:20-5: Extension of terms

40:20-6: Law applicable

40:20-7: Referendum; procedure

40:20-8: Submission at presidential primary

40:20-9: Nonpartisan ballot box; transfers.

40:20-10: Superior Court judge to resolve doubt on right to vote

40:20-11: Method of voting; results returned

40:20-12: Ballots; form and content; sample ballots

40:20-13: Nonpartisan poll book; ballots numbered

40:20-14: Submission at general election

40:20-15: Ballot; form and content; counting

40:20-16: Notice of election

40:20-17: Eligibility of voters

40:20-18: Results of election; return and canvassing.

40:20-19: Certain counties governed hereby

40:20-20: Membership; number; increase or decrease; proposition; submission to voters; petition; effective date

40:20-20a: Terms of additional members

40:20-20.4: Proposition to change term of office

40:20-20.5: Election under adopted proposition

40:20-21: First election; terms of members first elected

40:20-22: Additional members in certain cases

40:20-23: Election; term; organization

40:20-25: Expiration of terms of existing members

40:20-26: Terms of officers; exceptions

40:20-27: Existing laws continued

40:20-28: Referendum; submission to voters

40:20-29: Petition for submission; sufficiency; filing

40:20-30: Petition; time for filing; notice of election

40:20-31: Ballot; form and content

40:20-32: Conduct of election

40:20-33: Vote required for adoption

40:20-34: Resubmission

40:20-35: Certain counties governed hereby

40:20-35.1: Number of members; election; terms

40:20-35.2: Organization

40:20-35.3: Expiration of terms of existing members; filling of existing vacancies

40:20-35.4: Compensation

40:20-35.11a: Vacancy on board of chosen freeholders eligible to be filled by election; exceptions.

40:20-35.11b: Selection of interim successor

40:20-35.11c: Nomination of candidate from floor

40:20-35.12: Vacancy in offices of all or majority of members

40:20-35.13: Appointees; qualifications

40:20-71: Director; selection; substitute

40:20-71.1: Designation of another freeholder

40:20-71.2: Appointments by county executive

40:20-71.3: Veto power of director of board of chosen freeholders, certain.

40:20-72: Members of boards of chosen freeholders not governed by optional county charter law; director

40:20-73: Compensation of freeholders not paid an annual salary

40:20-74: Salaries of freeholders not paid on per diem basis

40:20-74.1: Resolution fixing compensation; publication before passage

40:20-74.2: Hearing on resolution

40:20-74.3: Second reading or amendment

40:20-74.4: Publication of resolution upon passage

40:20-74.5: Majority required for passage

40:20-74.6: Compensation not changed unless fixed by resolution

40:20-75: Annual meetings

40:20-76: Regular meetings

40:20-77: Special meetings; how called; notice

40:20-78: Penalty for clerk's failure to call meeting

40:20-79: Adjournment of meeting

40:20-80: Committees designated

40:20-81: Director to appoint members of committees

40:20-82: Investigations by committees; member may administer oath

40:20-83: Subpoenas; testimony

40:20-84: Penalty for perjury