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Chapter: 41A - Submission of charter study question

40:41A-1: Submission of charter study question

40:41A-2: Election of charter study commission

40:41A-3: Nominating petitions

40:41A-4: Canvass of returns

40:41A-5: Organization meeting of commission

40:41A-6: Vacancies

40:41A-7: Duties of commission

40:41A-8: Advisors to the charter study commission

40:41A-9: State participation in charter studies

40:41A-10: Expenses and compensation of the commission

40:41A-11: Dissemination of information

40:41A-12: Report and publication of findings

40:41A-13: Recommendations

40:41A-14: Additional recommendations

40:41A-15: Date of charter referendum

40:41A-16: Form of the referendum question

40:41A-17: Petition for special charter

40:41A-18: Discharge of commission

40:41A-19: Adoption of optional plan

40:41A-20: Petition; contents; filing; election; ballot

40:41A-21: Election; time; ballot

40:41A-22: Moratorium on other petitions

40:41A-23: After adoption or rejection, no vote on change for 3 years

40:41A-24: Incorporation

40:41A-25: Government of county after adoption of optional plan

40:41A-26: General law

40:41A-27: County powers generally

40:41A-28: Municipal powers

40:41A-29: Municipal or regional advisory councils

40:41A-30: Grant of powers to county

40:41A-31: Form; designation

40:41A-32: Elected officers; governing body defined; exercise of administrative or executive functions by county executive

40:41A-33: Qualifications, election, term

40:41A-34: Salary

40:41A-35: County executive, filling of vacancy in office; procedure.

40:41A-35.1: Filling of vacancy, interim selection pending election of successor.

40:41A-36: Duties

40:41A-37: Powers of county executive

40:41A-38: Legislative power; exercise by ordinance; exceptions; exercise by resolution

40:41A-39: Chairman and vice-chairman; selection

40:41A-40: County executive at meetings

40:41A-41: Board powers

40:41A-42: Appointment

40:41A-43: Qualifications

40:41A-44: Duties

40:41A-45: Form; designation

40:41A-46: Officers

40:41A-47: Qualifications, appointment, term

40:41A-48: Salary

40:41A-49: Vacancies

40:41A-50: Duties

40:41A-51: Powers

40:41A-52: Legislative power; exercise by ordinance; exceptions; exercise by resolution

40:41A-53: Chairman and vice-chairman; election; duties

40:41A-54: County manager; rights at meetings

40:41A-55: Board powers

40:41A-56: Appointment

40:41A-57: Qualifications

40:41A-58: Duties

40:41A-59: Form; designation

40:41A-60: Elected officers; governing body; definition; exercise of administrative or executive functions by county supervisor

40:41A-61: Qualifications, election, term

40:41A-62: Salary

40:41A-63: Vacancies

40:41A-64: Duties

40:41A-65: Powers

40:41A-66: Legislative power; exercise by ordinance; exceptions; exercise by resolution

40:41A-67: Board powers

40:41A-68: Appointment

40:41A-69: Qualifications

40:41A-70: Duties

40:41A-71: Powers

40:41A-72: Form; designation

40:41A-73: Elected officers

40:41A-74: Qualifications, election, term

40:41A-75: Salary

40:41A-76: Vacancies

40:41A-77: Duties

40:41A-78: Powers

40:41A-79: Legislative power; exercise by ordinance; exceptions; exercise by resolution

40:41A-80: President and vice-president; election

40:41A-81: Board powers

40:41A-82: Appointment

40:41A-83: Qualification

40:41A-84: Duties

40:41A-85: Powers

40:41A-86: Separation of powers

40:41A-87: Appointments and dismissal; suspension procedure

40:41A-88: Elective officers; removal by recall petition and vote

40:41A-89: Recall petition

40:41A-90: Signatures to recall petition

40:41A-91: Notice to officer; recall election; notice of filing of petition

40:41A-92: Ballots

40:41A-93: Removal of more than one officer

40:41A-94: Election of successor; use of recall ballot

40:41A-95: Laws governing recall elections; selection of candidate for successor of recalled incumbent

40:41A-96: Publication of notices of arrangements for recall elections; conduct

40:41A-97: Results of elections

40:41A-98: Successor where incumbent resigns or is recalled

40:41A-99: Meetings of board; journal

40:41A-100: Rules of procedure; quorum; resolutions; compensation

40:41A-101: Ordinances

40:41A-102: Recording of ordinances and resolutions

40:41A-103: Rules and regulations; filing; publication

40:41A-104: Petition; percentage of registered voters required

40:41A-105: Power of referendum; time for filing petition

40:41A-106: Petition papers; affidavits

40:41A-107: Filing of petition papers; examination; certification of result

40:41A-108: Amendment of initiative or referendum petition

40:41A-109: Suspension of ordinance

40:41A-110: Submission to board of freeholders

40:41A-111: Submission of ordinance to voters; withdrawal of petition

40:41A-112: Referendum election

40:41A-113: Number of proposed ordinances voted upon; time between special elections

40:41A-114: Publication of ordinance

40:41A-115: Ballots

40:41A-116: Results of election; conflicting measures

40:41A-117: Division of county adopting a district representation system under section 40:41A-14c into districts

40:41A-118: District commissioners; certification of boundaries

40:41A-119: Meeting of district commissioners; division into districts

40:41A-120: Boundaries of districts; population difference

40:41A-121: Report and certificate; map

40:41A-122: Notice of district boundaries; publication

40:41A-123: Adjustments in district boundaries following census

40:41A-124: Schedule of installation of optional plan adopted

40:41A-125: Adoption of the administrative code

40:41A-126: Effective date of administrative code

40:41A-127: Existing resolutions remain in force where not inconsistent

40:41A-128: Appointments between election and time of taking office under optional plan; pending actions and proceedings

40:41A-129: Employees in the classified service

40:41A-129.1: Counties of first class; appointment of aides; unclassified service

40:41A-130: County administration of civil service

40:41A-131: Procedures for establishment of county department of civil service

40:41A-132: Fiscal year

40:41A-133: Preparation and submission of budget; budgetary process

40:41A-134: Scope of budget and message

40:41A-138: Appropriation requests; allotments

40:41A-142: Person charged; newspapers; qualifications

40:41A-143: Partial invalidity

40:41A-144: Short title

40:41A-145.1: Election to fill vacancy on board of chosen freeholders; exception.

40:41A-145.2: Interim successor selected by appropriate political party.

40:41A-145.3: Selection from floor by county committee

40:41A-146: Vacancy of all or majority of offices of members of board; certification to and appointments to temporarily fill by Governor

40:41A-147: Appointees; qualifications

40:41A-148: Voters empowered to change term of office

40:41A-149: First election of board under adopted proposition