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Chapter: 61 - General powers; acquisition of property

40:61-1: General powers; acquisition of property

40:61-2: Sale or donation of park lands to state; reversion by nonuse; provisos

40:61-3: Return of certain unused lands to municipality by park commissions

40:61-4: Entertainments to raise funds for improvement and maintenance; no charge for children

40:61-5: Use by school children; admission fee; exceptions

40:61-6: Library, art gallery and museum in parks; site; control

40:61-7: Memorial buildings in parks; ordinance authorizing; referendum

40:61-8: Referendum; notice and publication

40:61-9: Conduct of election

40:61-10: Ballot; form and content; ordinance adopted

40:61-11: Relocation of streets or railways; cost; exchange of lands

40:61-12: Ordinances regulating railways in and through parks

40:61-13: Park lands held by trustees; agreement with trustees; enforcement

40:61-14: Contribution to maintenance of park lands held by trustees

40:61-15: Conveyances of burial grounds to municipalities for parks

40:61-16: Burial grounds conveyed; acceptance and use by municipality

40:61-17: Recreation commission; creation

40:61-18: Commissioners; term and compensation

40:61-19: Recreation commissioners; powers

40:61-20: Bond issue; state and federal aid

40:61-21: Lease of premises for contests and exhibitions

40:61-22: Rules and regulations; quorum

40:61-22.1: Conveyance of land to county park commission

40:61-22.2: Sale of reclaimed lands abutting park lands

40:61-22.3: Public sale to highest bidder; advertisement; minimum price; adjournment

40:61-22.4: Lease of lands when fixed minimum price not bid

40:61-22.5: Use of proceeds of sale or lease

40:61-22.6: Public golf course and other recreational facilities; acquisition of property

40:61-22.7: Maintenance, improvement and operation; buildings, structures and equipment

40:61-22.8: Taxes and bonds

40:61-22.9: Commission to supervise and control

40:61-22.10: Appropriation by governing body

40:61-22.11: Fees, rents and charges

40:61-22.11a: Municipal golf courses

40:61-22.12: Rules and regulations

40:61-22.13: Actions for violations; enforcement of rules

40:61-22.14: Fines and penalties; part of municipal funds

40:61-22.15: Lease of lands and buildings acquired for public golf course and other recreational uses

40:61-22.16: Bids for leases

40:61-22.17: Power conferred is additional

40:61-22.18: Cities within first class counties; streets through public parks; widening streets

40:61-22.19: Rights, liens, interests, reversionary claims or easements in park; acquisition by city

40:61-22.20: Municipal control over beaches, etc.; fees.

40:61-22.21: Swimming pools and other recreational facilities

40:61-22.22: Acquisition of property

40:61-22.23: Taxation and bonds

40:61-22.24: Supervision, maintenance, operation and regulation

40:61-22.25: Annual appropriation

40:61-22.26: Fees, rents or other charges

40:61-22.27: Rules and regulations

40:61-22.28: Violations of rules and regulations

40:61-22.29: Fines or penalties, disposition

40:61-22.30: Agreements for construction of facilities; approval of plans, specifications and location

40:61-23: Sale or lease of park lands to adjoining municipalities; joint ownership

40:61-24: Contracts relative to contiguous parks

40:61-25: Parks wholly or partly within other municipalities; regulation of

40:61-26: Power of police to arrest

40:61-27: Joint parks on banks of streams; joint contract

40:61-28: Joint parks along lakes; establishment

40:61-29: Adopting ordinance

40:61-30: Commissioners; appointment; number

40:61-31: Commissioners; term and organization; vacancies

40:61-32: Commission; general powers; bond issues; officers and employees

40:61-33: Condemnation proceedings

40:61-34: Costs apportioned; annual report; money turned over to commission

40:61-35: Authority here conferred deemed additional

40:61-36: Leasing of parks, etc. authorized; period of leases

40:61-37: Leasing of privileges

40:61-38: Lease voided upon violation of terms

40:61-39: Letting to highest bidder

40:61-40: Advertisement for bids

40:61-41: Power deemed additional