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Chapter: 14 - Opening and keeping open waterways; bonds; control

40:14-1: Opening and keeping open waterways; bonds; control

40:14-2: County or municipal appropriations to port or harbor commission

40:14-3: Improvement of waterways; joint contracts.

40:14-4: Joint action; authorization; plans and specifications.

40:14-5: Work done as local or general improvement; notice.

40:14-6: Work done by contract.

40:14-7: Bonds; law applicable

40:14-8: Assessments for benefits

40:14-9: Individual powers of county or municipality unaffected

40:14-10: Freeholders may appropriate money for digging channels; bulkheads

40:14-11: Municipalities may contribute to expense

40:14-12: Money voted contingently

40:14-13: Borrowing money appropriated; expenditure

40:14-14: Money raised by taxation

40:14-15: Erosion prevention; bulkheads and structures; expense; resolution

40:14-16: Authorization to establish; policy

40:14-17: Establishment by ordinance or resolution; terms

40:14-18: Members; appointment; term of office; alternate representatives; compensation

40:14-19: Organization; chairman; rules; records

40:14-20: Advisory members

40:14-21: Appropriations; application for and acceptance of grants in aid; surveys and studies

40:14-22: Powers and duties

40:14-23: Unauthorized powers

40:14-24: Individual flood control action by county or municipality