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Chapter: 37C -

40:37C-1: Short title

40:37C-2: Legislative findings and declaration

40:37C-3: Definitions

40:37C-4: Industrial pollution control financing authority; purposes; creation by counties; approval; dissolution; filing of resolutions; members; organization

40:37C-5: Powers

40:37C-6: Sale or lease of facilities; minimum amount of payments or rentals

40:37C-7: Inapplicability of chapters 32 to 36 of Title 52

40:37C-8: Bonds; issuance; redemption; terms; sale; refunding bonds

40:37C-9: Security for principal, interest and premiums

40:37C-10: Nonliability of state, political subdivision thereof, county or municipality; guarantee of rights and remedies of bondholders

40:37C-11: Certification of facilities; condition precedent to adoption of resolution for authorization for bonds

40:37C-12: Tax exemptions

40:37C-13: Disposition of facilities after payment and retirement of bonds

40:37C-14: Independence of authority

40:37C-15: Legal investments; security for public deposits

40:37C-16: Powers conferred by act as additional and supplementary

40:37C-17: Severability

40:37C-18: Annual audit of accounts; filing