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Chapter: 1 - Persons entitled to practice, etc. under former laws unaffected

45:1-1: Persons entitled to practice, etc. under former laws unaffected

45:1-2.1: Applicability of act.

45:1-2.2: Membership of certain boards and commissions; appointment, removal, quorum.

45:1-2.3: Qualifications; rights and duties

45:1-2.4: Effect of act on term of member in office

45:1-2.5: Compensation and reimbursement of expenses of members; executive secretaries; compensation and terms; office and meeting places

45:1-2.6: Inapplicability of act to rights under civil service or any pension law or retirement system

45:1-3: Expenses of boards paid from income; surplus paid to state treasurer; accounts

45:1-3.1: Applicability of act.

45:1-3.2: Charges for examinations, licensures and other services; establishment or change by rule; standards

45:1-3.3: Administrative fees

45:1-4: Salary of secretary

45:1-7: Issuance of certain licenses or certificates of registration.

45:1-7.1: Applicability of act; renewals; reinstatements

45:1-7.2: Reinstatement of license, registration, certification

45:1-7.3: Active, inactive options on renewal applications.

45:1-7.4: Submissions by applicant seeking reinstatement.

45:1-7.5: Issuance of professional or occupational license, certificate of registration, or certification.

45:1-8: Contractors; application of s. 45:1-9

45:1-9: Indication of license or certificate number on contracts, bids and advertisements

45:1-10: Agreement by practitioner for payments to laboratory for tests without disclosure to patient, third party payor; prohibited.

45:1-10.1: Responsibility of health care professionals for filing claims.

45:1-11: Violations; penalty

45:1-12: Extra fee for completion of medical claim form, certain practitioners, penalty.

45:1-14: Legislative findings and declarations; liberal construction of act

45:1-15: Application of act.

45:1-15.1: Rules, regulations

45:1-15.2: Professional, occupational licenses, registrations, expiration date for individuals with certain types of military service; delayed.

45:1-15.3: Issuance of certain professional, occupational licenses to veterans with equivalent training.

45:1-15.4: Rules, regulations.

45:1-15.5: Definitions relative to professional, occupational licenses for certain military spouses.

45:1-15.6: Charge for professional, occupations license under certain circumstances; prohibited.

45:1-15.7: Internet to provide secure process for obtaining, renewing professional, occupational licenses, certificates of registration.

45:1-15.8: Rules, regulations.

45:1-16: Definitions

45:1-17: Powers of Attorney General to implement act and administer law enforcement activities of boards

45:1-18: Investigative powers of board, director, or attorney general.

45:1-18.1: Findings, declarations relative to unauthorized practice of certain occupations, professions.

45:1-18.2: Exercise of investigative power.

45:1-18.3: Regulations.

45:1-19: Failure or refusal to file statement or report, refuse access to premises or failure to obey subpena; penalty

45:1-20: Compelling testimony or production of book, paper or document; immunity from prosecution

45:1-21: Refusal to license or renew, grounds.

45:1-21.1: Information on DEP application compliance, seminar attendance

45:1-21.2: Suspension of certain licenses, registrations, certifications for failure to repay student loans.

45:1-21.3: Violation of the responsibility to make 911 call, forfeiture of license, authorization to practice.

45:1-21.4: Certain information relative to address of certain applicants, licensees; nondisclosure.

45:1-22: Additional, alternative penalties.

45:1-23: Summary proceeding in Superior Court; injunction; orders necessary to prevent unlawful practice or remedy past unlawful activity

45:1-24: Failure to pay penalties; enforcement

45:1-25: Violations, penalties.

45:1-26: Repeal of inconsistent acts and parts of acts

45:1-27: Severability

45:1-28: Definitions relative to criminal history background checks for health care professionals.

45:1-29: Criminal history record background check required for licensure of health care professional.

45:1-30: Submission of information by applicant or licensee.

45:1-31: Applicant or licensee to assume cost.

45:1-32: Rules, regulations

45:1-33: Short title.

45:1-34: Definitions relative to healthcare professionals.

45:1-35: Immunity from civil liability.

45:1-36: Confidentiality of information.

45:1-37: Notification to division of impairment of health care professional.

45:1-38: Notification to board relative to impairment, misconduct of health care professional.

45:1-39: Fraud, misrepresentation, deception; disciplinary proceedings.

45:1-40: Health Care Professional Information Clearinghouse Coordinator.

45:1-41: Rules, regulations.

45:1-42: Definitions relative to establishment of alternate testing dates for certain license applicants.

45:1-43: Offering of alternate testing dates for examination.

45:1-43.1: Report of passage and failure rates of examinations for licensure.

45:1-44: Definitions.

45:1-45: Prescription monitoring program; requirements.

45:1-45.1: Information required for monitoring; rules, regulations.

45:1-46: Access to prescription information.

45:1-46.1: Proper time to access prescription monitoring information; restrictions in dispensing Schedule II controlled dangerous substance; exceptions.

45:1-47: Prescription monitoring program; provisions for expansion.

45:1-48: Immunity from liability.

45:1-49: Penalties.

45:1-50: Authority to contract.

45:1-50.1: Annual report.

45:1-50.2: Completion of assessment.

45:1-51: Rules, regulations.

45:1-52: Continuation of regulations.

45:1-53: Submission of bill to Medicare beneficiary by health care professional; reporting of nonpayment.

45:1-54: Findings, declarations relative to sexual orientation change efforts.

45:1-55: Sexual orientation change efforts prohibited for persons under 18 years old.

45:1-56: Short title.

45:1-57: Findings, declarations relative to safe handling of hazardous drugs.

45:1-58: Definitions relative to safe handling of hazardous drugs.

45:1-59: Adoption of standards, regulations.

45:1-60: Hazardous drugs training.

45:1-61: Definitions relative to telemedicine and telehealth.

45:1-62: Provision of health care through use of telemedicine, telehealth; requirements for provider.

45:1-63: Establishment of proper provider-patient relationship; exceptions.

45:1-64: Annual registration, report.

45:1-65: Telemedicine and Telehealth Review Commission.

45:1-66: Severability.