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Chapter: 1 Persons entitled to practice, etc. under former laws unaffected
Chapter: 2B
Chapter: 2C Purpose of act
Chapter: 2D
Chapter: 3 New Jersey State Board of Architects; membership, terms.
Chapter: 3A Use of title; necessity of license; display.
Chapter: 3B Legislative findings and declarations
Chapter: 4B
Chapter: 5 Degree, abbreviation.
Chapter: 5A
Chapter: 5AA
Chapter: 5B
Chapter: 6 State board of dentistry; membership; appointments; terms
Chapter: 7
Chapter: 8 License required; display of license; exceptions; corporations, firms, partnerships and associations
Chapter: 8A Professional librarian's certificate
Chapter: 8B Declaration relative to practice of marriage and family therapy
Chapter: 9 State Board of Medical Examiners; advisory committee.
Chapter: 9A Legislative findings
Chapter: 9B Research programs; establishment and administration by board of medical examiners
Chapter: 10 "Midwifery" defined
Chapter: 11
Chapter: 11A Nurse Multistate Licensure Compact
Chapter: 12 Practice of optometry defined.
Chapter: 12A
Chapter: 12B
Chapter: 14
Chapter: 14A License required to practice professional planning
Chapter: 14B
Chapter: 14BB
Chapter: 14C
Chapter: 14D
Chapter: 14E
Chapter: 14F
Chapter: 14G
Chapter: 14H Findings, declarations relative to standards for persons installing, repairing, maintaining elevators, escalators, and moving walkways.
Chapter: 15 License required.
Chapter: 15B State Board of Court Reporting.
Chapter: 15BB
Chapter: 15C
Chapter: 16 Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
Chapter: 16A
Chapter: 17 Auctioneers to keep book records; what to set forth
Chapter: 17A
Chapter: 18 Collection agencies to file bond
Chapter: 19 Title of act
Chapter: 19A
Chapter: 20 Toll allowed to millers
Chapter: 21
Chapter: 22
Chapter: 22A
Chapter: 23 "Trading stamp" defined
Chapter: 24 "Transient merchants" and "itinerant vendors" defined
Chapter: 26
Chapter: 27
Chapter: 28