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Chapter: 19 - Title of act

45:19-8: Title of act

45:19-9: Definitions.

45:19-10: License to conduct business, violation of section as misdemeanor

45:19-11: Application for license.

45:19-12: Issuance of license; inquiries and investigations; fees; bond; duration of license; renewal; revocation; notification of changes; qualifications

45:19-12.1: Employees of licensee; fees payable, violations, penalties.

45:19-13: Surrender of license after expiration, revocation, etc.

45:19-14: Posting and display of license; loss or destruction of license; change in location of office or place of business

45:19-15: Employment of assistants; false statements or misrepresentations; disclosure of information; false reports or statements to employer; reports on convi

45:19-16: Employees of licensees; fingerprints, criminal record background checks.

45:19-17: Identification card

45:19-18: Use or display of identification card of another

45:19-19: Badge, shield, certain; prohibited, violations deemed misdemeanor.

45:19-20: Misleading advertising, use of advertisement, seal or card

45:19-21: Offenses in connection with issuance or use of identification cards

45:19-22: Investigations; subpoenas; witnesses; fees; oath; willful false swearing

45:19-23: Licensees of other states

45:19-24: Licenses under prior laws

45:19-25: Enforcement through Department of State Police

45:19-26: Violation of Act as ground for revocation of license

45:19-27: Effect of partial invalidity

45:19-28: Short title.

45:19-29: Definitions relative to regulation of bounty hunters.

45:19-30: Licensure required, violation, fourth degree crime.

45:19-31: Application for licensure.

45:19-32: Fingerprinting, criminal history record background check for applicants.

45:19-33: Issuance of license, fee.

45:19-34: Issuance of identification card.

45:19-35: Employees of license holder, "employee's statement" required.

45:19-36: Fingerprinting, criminal history record background check for employees of licensed bounty hunter.

45:19-37: "Unlawful force" defined, penalties for use.

45:19-38: Powers of superintendent.

45:19-39: Violation, revocation, suspension of license.

45:19-40: Rules, regulations.

45:19-41: Licensing of existing bounty hunters, conditions.

45:19-42: Education and training program for bounty hunters.