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Chapter: 5B -

45:5B-1: Short title

45:5B-2: Legislative findings and declarations

45:5B-3: Definitions.

45:5B-4: New Jersey State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling.

45:5B-5: Board members; appointment; terms; compensation.

45:5B-6: Duties of board.

45:5B-7: Services requiring license; exceptions.

45:5B-8: Premises exemptions.

45:5B-9: Shop licenses.

45:5B-10: Licensure for schools required.

45:5B-11: Practicing license requirement.

45:5B-12: Unlawful practices; persons.

45:5B-12.1: License under act required for certain practices.

45:5B-12.2: Display of license without showing home address.

45:5B-13: Unlawful practices; shops, owners.

45:5B-14: Unlawful practices; schools, owners.

45:5B-15: Unlawful practices; teachers.

45:5B-16: Application for licensure.

45:5B-17: Licensure as cosmetologist-hairstylist.

45:5B-20: Initial licensure as beautician.

45:5B-21: Initial licensure as barber.

45:5B-22: Initial licensure as manicurist.

45:5B-22.1: Initial licensure as skin care specialist.

45:5B-23: Licensure as teacher of cosmetology and hairstyling.

45:5B-25: Eligibility to obtain student permit.

45:5B-26: Application fee; examination; temporary permit

45:5B-27: Examinations

45:5B-28: Licensees from other state, country; eligibility for licensure.

45:5B-31: Application for license to open shop.

45:5B-32: Application to open school; inspection; bond; fee

45:5B-33: Bond for licensed schools; grievance against school; initiation of action on bond

45:5B-34: Biennial license renewal.

45:5B-35: Renewal of shop, school license.

45:5B-35.1: Prior licenses valid.

45:5B-36: Notification of change of location, ownership of shop, school.

45:5B-37: Lawful sales or services; inapplicability of law; regulations to prevent health hazards

45:5B-38: Construction of act relative to right of State Board of Education to establish, operate, approve courses.