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Chapter: 21 -

45:21-1: Definitions

45:21-2: Liability insurance policy to be filed with municipal clerk

45:21-3: Various provisions of policy

45:21-4: One or more policies may be filed

45:21-5: Owner to file power of attorney for acknowledgment of service of process

45:21-6: Certificates of compliance; issuance; revocation and surrender

45:21-7: Cancellation of policy; notice to clerk; replacement of policy; revocation of certificate upon default

45:21-8: Certain corporations may carry own liability insurance

45:21-9: No transportation of passengers for hire

45:21-10: No exemption from complying with motor vehicle statutes

45:21-11: Penalty

45:21-12: Register to be kept by persons renting motor vehicles

45:21-13: Violations of act

45:21-14: Child restraints in rental vehicles

45:21-15: Penalty for violation