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Chapter: 5A -

45:5A-1: Short title

45:5A-2: Definitions.

45:5A-3: Board of examiners; creation; membership; qualifications; terms; vacancies

45:5A-4: Compensation; traveling expenses

45:5A-5: Organization of board; appointment of assistants; incurring of expenses

45:5A-6: Rules and regulations

45:5A-8: Record of proceedings; register of license applications; contents

45:5A-9: Necessity of business permit and license; qualifications; examinations; fees

45:5A-9.1: Electrical contractors, letter of credit, liability insurance required

45:5A-11: Issuance of licenses and business permits by board

45:5A-11.1: Registration as qualified journeyman electrician.

45:5A-11.2: Application for registration as qualified journeyman electrician.

45:5A-11.3: Register of applications.

45:5A-11.4: Continuing education required for license renewal.

45:5A-11.5: Waiver of continuing education requirements.

45:5A-11.6: Renewal cycle for registration.

45:5A-12: Examinations; notice

45:5A-13: Initial license or business permit; renewals; fees; applications; duration of license or permit; re-examination

45:5A-13.1: Continuing education requirements for electrical contractors

45:5A-13.2: Responsibilities of board as to courses and programs

45:5A-13.3: Contents of educational course of study

45:5A-13.4: Waiver of continuing education requirement

45:5A-13.5: Continuing education credits not required under certain circumstances

45:5A-13.6: Carryover of credit hours permitted under certain circumstances

45:5A-13.7: Differential in registration fees for non-members

45:5A-14: Death or disability of qualifying representative; continuance of business

45:5A-15: Transferability of license or business permit

45:5A-17: Powers of municipalities; violations of municipal ordinances

45:5A-18: Exempt work or construction.

45:5A-18.1: Definitions

45:5A-19: Bond of contractor

45:5A-21: Disorderly person

45:5A-23: "Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Advisory Committee."

45:5A-24: Powers, duties of board.

45:5A-25: Requirements for advertising alarm business.

45:5A-26: Application for license as alarm business, locksmithing.

45:5A-27: Requirements for licensure.

45:5A-27.1: Ineligibility for license to engage in fire alarm business.

45:5A-28: Nonapplicability of act.

45:5A-29: Exemptions from licensing requirement.

45:5A-30: Issuance of locksmith license.

45:5A-31: Issuance of license to persons engaged in alarm business, locksmithing; duration; renewal; fees.

45:5A-32: Requirements for licensee.

45:5A-33: Display of identification card.

45:5A-34: Requirements for employees of licensee.

45:5A-35: Responsibilities of licensee relative to employees.

45:5A-36: Municipality, county prohibited from regulating locksmiths, alarm businesses.

45:5A-37: Licenses from other jurisdictions.

45:5A-38: Rules, regulations.