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Chapter: 12 - Practice of optometry defined.

45:12-1: Practice of optometry defined.

45:12-2: New Jersey state board of optometrists; membership; appointments; terms of office

45:12-3: Oath of office; officers; secretary-treasurer's compensation and bond; appointment and powers of agent

45:12-4: Rules and regulations; seal; records; semiannual examinations

45:12-5: Applications for certificate of registrations; qualifications of applicants; examination; issuance of certificate

45:12-6: Fees; numbering and recording of certificates; filing of photograph of registrant

45:12-7: Issuance of license to licensees of other states; fee

45:12-8: Certificate displayed in office; practitioners' names displayed outside; practice outside office; change of location

45:12-9: Registration; certificates; fees; branch offices; revocation

45:12-9.1: Public policy

45:12-9.2: Requirement of continuing education; exemption; approval of programs by board; fees.

45:12-9.3: Credits necessary

45:12-9.4: Reactivation of license; credits necessary

45:12-9.5: Waiver of requirements

45:12-9.6: Acceptance of federal funds

45:12-9.7: Inapplicability of act to practice of medicine and surgery

45:12-9.8: Credentialing, certification process; rules, regulations.

45:12-9.9: Credentialing requirements.

45:12-9.11: Prescription restrictions.

45:12-9.12: Practice at retail or commercial locations

45:12-9.13: Credentialing requirements for optometrist to use, prescribe pharmaceutical agents.

45:12-10: Certification of records of boards as to issuance of licenses; fees; certificate as evidence

45:12-15: Issuance of new certificate after revocation

45:12-16: Optometrists convicted of crime reported to state board

45:12-17: Expenses of board and its members

45:12-17.1: Allowance to members of Board; reimbursement for expenses

45:12-18: Account and report of receipts and expenditures

45:12-18.1: Record of examination of patient considered exclusive property of optometrist

45:12-18.2: Partial invalidity

45:12-19: Illegal practices; peddling eyeglasses, contact lenses; attending confined person.

45:12-19.1: Practicing under another's name; employment by others

45:12-19.2: Cards offering special rates or discounts

45:12-19.3: Effective date

45:12-26: Titles not authorized

45:12-27: Testimony and reports of licensed optometrist; receipt as qualified evidence; right to free choice of ocular practitioner