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Chapter: 5 - Degree, abbreviation.

45:5-1: Degree, abbreviation.

45:5-2: Board of medical examiners to examine applicants for license to practice podiatric medicine; records; official register.

45:5-3: Applicants for examination; qualifications in general.

45:5-4: Qualifications after January 1, 1934.

45:5-5: Qualifications after January 1, 1938.

45:5-5.1: Educational requirements; internship.

45:5-5.2: Applications by graduates of college of podiatric medicine after May 1, 1964; contents of application.

45:5-5.3: Medical malpractice liability insurance, letter of credit required for podiatrist; regulations

45:5-6: Preliminary investigation of applicant; examination fee

45:5-7: Examinations; licensing; license; definitions; display of license.

45:5-9: Biennial certificate of registration for licensed podiatrist; reinstatement procedure.

45:5-10: Construction of chapter; certain acts not prohibited; fees for permitting out-of-State podiatrist to take charge of resident's practice.

45:5-11: Unlawful acts; penalty; display of name; recovery of penalties.

45:5-11.1: Administration of physical modalities to patients by employees of podiatrists

45:5-17: Restraining unlawful practice; inapplicable to spiritual or religious healers.

45:5-18: Partial invalidity

45:5-19: Repeal

45:5-20: Services considered as medical or surgical under Workers' Compensation Act.