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Chapter: 2B -

45:2B-42: Short title

45:2B-43: Findings, declarations relative to practice of accounting

45:2B-44: Definitions relative to the practice of accounting.

45:2B-45: New Jersey State Board of Accountancy

45:2B-46: Membership; terms; vacancies; removal

45:2B-47: Oath by members of board, officers, rules, etc.

45:2B-48: Powers of board

45:2B-49: Application for licensure; requirements.

45:2B-50: Examination required for issuance of license

45:2B-50.1: Standards for individual with principal place of business out-of-State.

45:2B-51: Requirements for licensure

45:2B-52: Persons currently registered continue to hold designation

45:2B-53: Waiving of examination

45:2B-54: Requirements for registration of firm in practice of attest services or public accountancy.

45:2B-54.1: Requirements for non-licensed owners

45:2B-55: Requirements for registration as firm of public accountants.

45:2B-57: Triennial registration for firm; fee

45:2B-58: Triennial renewal of license; fee

45:2B-59: Revocation of license, registration

45:2B-60: Modification of suspension, reissuance of license, registration

45:2B-61: Issuance of report on financial statements prohibited; exceptions.

45:2B-62: Use of title, designation requires licensure, registration; exceptions.

45:2B-63: Violations, referral to authority; immunity of board members

45:2B-64: Single prohibited act justifies penalty

45:2B-65: Disclosure of client information

45:2B-66: Disposition of records

45:2B-67: Quality Enhancement Program

45:2B-68: Continuing professional education required for license renewal; orientation, certain.

45:2B-69: Construction of terms

45:2B-70: Requirements for qualification as registered municipal accountant

45:2B-71: Continuing education required for registered municipal accountant

45:2B-72: Municipal, county audit signed by RMA

45:2B-73: Qualification as public school accountant

45:2B-74: School district audit signed by PSA

45:2B-75: Current regulations unaffected